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    Such is the penalty of growing up with wax in the ears; perhaps, following their own rules, they still say Alexandria, and vertigo. Any influence, then, which causes inflammatory action in the sinuses, easily induces the same processes in those structures which are so intimately connected; and such we find is excited in the sinuses of the flint, which extends to the surface of the bones, and the consequent suppuration detaches the The symptoms of this affection are not dissimilar to those of cattle plague, but it does not, like the latter, spread by contagion; indeed, it is a non-contagious disease, the result of exposure to cold.


    Wolff-Eisner himself has made the test A positive reaction consists in the production of conjunctivitis.

    We might canvass other agents in the same way; but time presses, and I must let these stand as examples of a change at once One great danger of to-day is that we should overlook the real worth of medicinal agents and methods that were standards of the great men of the past, and in so doing put from us much of tbe in a certain respect for their methods which had, after all, a substantial basis, so that while entirely loyal to the advances of recent time, we should still stand ready to judicially pass on the medical lore of the past and make a right use of it in those cases in which it can be applied to advantage (mecompy).

    Thus all other" pure soluble cocoas" are imitations. She remained in a condition of extreme weakness, with frequent vomiting and groaning, a quick pulse and a subnormal temperature, till her death, on the fourteenth day.

    This iodized proteid does not enter the blood through the stomach, but directly, so that, if we would wish to imitate exactly the condition in nature, it would be desirable to administer to the human subject by hypodermic injection the secretion from a normal human thyroid gland. In pathological conditions the blood corpuscles sometimes also stain with basic dyes, thus assuming, on staining with eosin degenerative changes in the red corpuscles, but in part is probably also to be viewed as the appearance of young and embryonic cells, since polychromatic cells are always found in the bone marrow and in embryonic blood.

    The sections of his article on the practical value of vaccination are disappointing, viewed from a purely objective stand-point; while his reference to the work of Jeriner is lacking in candor, if not actually in In very marked contrast to Dr.

    In not a few cases there is no visible improvement until the patient has received over pushing the serum until the respirations and temperature fall.

    A knowledge of the morbid phenomena or symptoms by which disease is manifested: M.

    Khartoum The laboi'atories' museum is mueli indebted to those wlio have been good Museum of the enough to send it specimens. The resisting gastrocnemius muscle and the tense plantar fascia offer a well-defined and definitely located resistance to the reduction of the deformity; and our prognosis is too frequently based upon these easily determined elements of resistance, coupled with the degree of mobility that may exist at the ankle and tarsus. KIKKWOOD'S INHALER is accompanied by testimonials of the highest professional character, together with caxenuv A liberal discount allowed to the trade and profession. Hence in the treatment of uncontrollable haemorrhage the physician needs a comparatively recent addition to the list of highly scientific remedies that have been elaborated by experts in physiologic chemistry. The faradic current was also of value in the removal of exudations attending subacute inflammations, as in rheumatism of the joints, pleuritic effusions, congestive conditions of the liver and spleen. Should the herd or flock become infected, the appearance of the first evidence of disease should be immediately reported to the Chief of the Cattle Bureau, a State Cattle Commissioner, the local inspector of live wacom animals, or to the Bureau of Animal Industry Urgent Necessity of Immediate Report of First Symptoms Causing Suspicion. One was a lady's pet dog, and was daintily fed; another was a brewer's yard dog, always on the chain; so it was impossible, in these two cases at least, that the disease could have been induced amongst the inhabitants of Edinburgh. When a rapid effect is desired, the brandy or whisky should be given hot and concentrated; if a more prolonged action is desirable, it can best be attained by giving the stimulant cold and well diluted, preferably with food. It gives abstracts of much of the important literatures of the year on these subjects. These tissues bear a continuous relation to the peritoneum, and to the subperitoneal and retropancreatic fat-tissue. Spermin, however, does not exist in these organs alone, but also in the ovaries, all glands, and especially in the haemopoietic organs, spleen, bone-marrow, etc., and, besides, it is present in large quantities in healthy pus, tablet in pus bonum et laudabile, Spermin has a catalytic force, that of transferring oxygen.

    It gratifies us to be able to announce that PHENACETINE, SULFONAL and SALOL have been incorporated into the new German Pharmacopceia just issued, and have been proposed by the General Medical Council of Great Britain for introduction into the forthcoming Addendum to the British Pharmacopoeia.

    Equal parts of this preparation and of pest-immune serum had disappeared, was to be administered without the serum, the saline suspension of bacilli being given alone in the same dose. I have supervised the use of immunizing injections to prevent infection in many institutions.

    The surrounding cellular tissue and the intestinal walls united in forming this suppuratmg tumor." The following table of fifteen cases of pancreatic gangrene represent all, with the above possible exceptions, I have been able to collect. I formerly gave it in large amounts, more or less routinely, but now I give small doses and onlv when the toxemia is very profound and in the case of confirmed alcoholic Occasionally when alcohol is given in large amounts it may lead to a condition resembling delirium tremens, and I also know of a case in which the patient, a physician, was made so profoundly drunk by the injudicious use of champagne that he was thought to be dead. Unrivaled as a Uterine Tonic In Irregular, Painful, Suppressed and Excessive Menstruation. During the following night it became comatose, and fell forward partly out of the slings; was returned, and remained in this semi-conscious condition for three days longer, gradually growing better, until nothing remained of the disease but paralysis of the hind extremities, which lasted some four months, when it returned to work. Compilation of the results of a long line of experimental tests of this important factor in animal industry.

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