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    The action of the heart was distinct and forcible, but no murmur audible. In regard to this point uw a great many different theories have existed, the general one up to within a comparative short period being that sleep was directly the result of an increased determination of blood to the head, and even now there are several authorities who cling to this view. Strains, partial dislocations or other variations from a perfectly normal articulation of any of the lower four cervical or the upper four dorsal vertebrae have much if not all 123 to do in producing shaking palsy of the head and arms, and a number of other diseases. This dissimulation is particularly common in the case of females, who ostentatiously deny any syphilitic antecedent, and even persist in their denial when we have undoubted signs of syphilis in various parts of the body, such as condylomata, gummata, nodes, etc. This excellent work is said to have reached a sale of student's volume and as a manual for the practitioner. The endosalpinx, on account of intense endosalpingitis, invaginates into the myosalpinx, producing a, nodular formation in the hypertrophied muscularis. Many of the alleged differences are therefore not essential distinctions, but are simply dependent on the degree of pyrexia. It was caught in the Royal Oak from fix men that came from England in the Anfon, which men, though firft put on board the Namur, communicated no fever there, having been kept feparate from the reft of the men; but being fent to the Royal Oak, they were themfelves firft taken ill with a fever, which afterwards fpread to about thirty of the other men: 121. The law, however, will not apply to persons who have diplomas from reputable medical colleges or who have practised medicine in the State for twenty years or more. Leading German writers on diseases of the brain, especially Wernicke, Schiile, Kraflft-Ebing, and Mendel, in his admirable monograph, have described the beginning of general paralysis as being simply a change of character quietly developing, and, later, so slight an impairment of for a considerable time without any indications of diminished mental power noticed except by those who come in contact with them most intimately, and by them not thought of as indicating disease.

    Oesterreicher and Erdl from their, original designs from nature and those of the greatest anatomists of modern times, with full and explanatory texts by Cincinnati, Ohio.

    The French mips of war are furnifhed with great quantities of 120 garlick as an article of victualling;, and its effects feem to be very falutaiy.

    Dell' orecchio, del Ear, eye, 12 nose, throat, and larynx.


    There were two stones, one he removed, the other he had to crush. That the development of local disease, determined by an antecedent condition of the system is soon in the simplest forms of tumor, as warts, for example, and may be merely in obedience to the same law which governs the bodily and mental configuration of the That the fact of retrogression of cancer, while it gives a hope that in discovering its cause we may find a remedy for the disease, does not prove a special blood origin of the disease any more than would a local degeneration of a natural tissue. The conclusion, therefore, must be that there is, as already stated, something which interferes with the digestion and assimilation of the superabundant iron contained in the food; and this something is believed by Bunge to be sulphur. Like the adoption of most"remedies' the doctor uses or has used, it od came to notice by Jenner.

    The role of the sympathetic ganglion is control of vaso-motion, and any interference with it causes changes in the 1200 circulation, which in turn brings about perversion in function of part so affected. Louis College of Physicians and Surgeons. In bringing the discussion to a close Dr. Bishop as follows: Sir: The department having devolved upon this office after the improvements, etc., of naval hospitals, I beg to make some inquiries of you as a professional man in reference to the hospital in progress I may premise the remark that I am entirely ignorant of the 122 location of the building, nor have I been consulted in regard to its capacity or internal arrangements. At the noon hour Soj'er returned to the kitchens, where confusion 120d and uproar reigned. It is necessary, however, according to the results of Prof. If a flrong infection is fufpected, and it cannot be afforded to deflroy' the clothes, the befl means of eradicating the poifon is to hang them for a length of time over pots of burning brimftone in a large calk flan-ding endways, with composition fmall apertures to admit air enough for the brimftone to burn. Bothriocephalus-eggs were found in the stools and three worms injection were expelled by treatment. A few, but not many patients, have been admitted, in whom the mental disease might fairly be attributed to their connection with the great contest.

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