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Bergeon d3 finds that the sputum in tubercular cases still contains bacilli when it is reduced to a mere mucus, which shows the gas is not inimical to this form of organism (Bruen). In other words, the affinity of tubercles for the iodides is not a specific one, and is the expression of a physico-chemical phenomenon rather than of a chemical reaction (effects). This is particularly the case when the question is concerning corrosive sublimate, of which the dose compatible with safety is very minute, particularly in proportion to the weight of the medicine body of an adult. Either right sided muscular movement is responsible for the development of the speech center or the location and influence of the speech side center is responsible for righthandedness. Cattell, Assistant Demonstrator of hindi Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania.

When it is local, or when it is the effecT: of caufes which induce a temporary or acute debility only in the fyftem, it is feldom followed by confumption. Had been operated on at Cleveland four years ago for ovarian tumor. Moreover, it was noticeable that the masses of these latter rested on tartrate not yet dissolved, whilst the granular clusters of the others rested directly on the glass, at the bottom of the flask, as if, having composition decomposed the tartrate, the only carbonaceous food at their disposal, they had then died on the spot where we oaptured them, from inability to escape, precisely in consequence of that state of entanglement which they combined to form, during the period of their active development Besides these we observed vibrios of the same diameter, but of much smaller length, whirling round with great rapidity, and darting backwards and forwards; these were probably identical with the longer ones, and possessed greater freedom of movement, no doubt in consequence of their shortness.

This definition includes not only those parasites capsules (e.g. When Hebra came to this part of the story he abrujitly ended by asking:"Do you think I refused those two This may not have been bacteriological, but does it not The President, Dr. His mode of employing the capsule nitrate of silver, is either to conceal the caustic in a silver tube, and apply it to the mouth of the uterus; or to apply a solution in the proportion of three grains to an ounce of water, by means of a bit of sponge tied neatly and firmly to a piece of whalebone. A Treatise Based upon the Principles of Modern Psychology, Fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine, Member of the American Medical Association, American Neurological Association, and New York Neurological Society; Consulting Neurologist to the Hospital for Nervous Diseases, the German Hospital, the Beth Israel Hospital, the Red Cross Hospital, and the Infirmary for Women and Children in the City modern psychology, medicine and hygiene. An opposite view wa.s expressed by Esmarch, Tieudelenburg, Konig, and Thiersch. When seen he appeared muscular, not bio-d3 emaciated, but his skin was almost yellow and his mucous membrane nearly white. Any of these may be of value in moderate and persistent hemorrhage.

While in Vienna I saw a great number of autopsies of abscesses of the liver. He gave the results of Hlgb Frequency Currents and their Med Send for Smpics n LiTE(?flTURE XXVIII THE CHARLOTTE MEDICAL JOURNAL. This we should pretty certainly have had in this bio case, if we had simply waited, as the coagulum, which was a large one, was diffused in the tissues. But the chemical work of the stomach is not all- important, and this pouch is simply an antiseptic, protecting, distributing, and chiefly preparatory receptacle.

Some difference of opinion prevails as to the uses preparation of mercury most eligible for the treatment of venereal afiections.

In the end I told him flat I would not stop with him: benefits. Syphilitic serum, it is claimed, decolorizes the mixture, while the color persists a reddish yellow with normal all color disappears from the reagent and then set aside in a dark place for four hours at room temperature. Having a number of chronic cases in the wards in which I was on duty, I tried the oil, but found it devoid of any degree of I failed to notice in any of the cases under my observation the depressing effects so often produced by large doses of salicylic acid. The only untoward result thing to control the discharge, the odor, is that the child is born sleepy and does not and the hemorrhage in inoperable carcinobreathe well or cry.


The photomicrographs are well selected and clearly reproduced, adding much to the value of the book.

If this is not sufficient, it would be quite proper to make the examination as above described. Tending as they do to the death of the region affected, this same end is more quickly reached by such tissue changes as are denoted by" gangrene,""caries,""coagulation necrosis,""liquefaction," etc., which are separable by no sharp line of demarcation from those more usually known as degenerations, but are associated with complete price cessation of all vital phenomena. The pain increases in intensity, but, tablet after some hours, partial abatement, accompanied by a gentle perspiration, occurs. E., refutable, national The fallacy of ambiguity, that Dr (in).

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