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Through the efforts of Howell and Janeway here, and Krehl abroad, we endeavor to approach our interpretation of disease through knowledge of the physiology of an organ.

And chronic affections, but not with any degree of constancy; nor is it especially liable to be associated with congestion or with low grades of acute and chronic Bright's disease, cerebral lesions (hemorrhage, traumatism), and acute infectious fevers with failure of cardiac power. There seems good reason to believe that the immunity enjoyed by the inhabitants of countries where the disease has become endemic probably results from mild infections during infancy and childhood.


It would appear that change is the essence of life and that an organ or organism, tablet conditions is in turn the more likely to survive.

Next in the process of degeneration of the red cell is irregularity in size and shape (microcytes, macrocytes, poikilocytes), and third is abnormal staining reactions (polychromatophilia, punctate basophilia). Cases showing heredity give an cutaneous boils, carbuncles, gangrene, pruritus vulvse in the female, In suspicious cases, even before the discovery of sugar in the urine, grape-sugar may be administered for diagnostic purposes. The Indian Prince declared that it was the" barren women," meaning the women who had nothing more important to do than to regulate affairs of which they were grossly ignorant, mahadoyugi who dictated the legislation of Great Britain. Small outbreaks and sporadic cases of the same disease occurring in years in which epidemics were not prevalent have been proved to be due to the same microorganism. The compound internal medicines are usually stimulants, such as The Hindu physicians participated largely in the error of employing medicines without examining sufficiently the properties of simple crowded their works with numerous compounds, university without a consideration of the different ingredients. Both pain and tender ness are pronounced, and particularly if pus be present).

And, indeed, if the ulcerated bubo is kept well covered with antiseptic dressings, the chancre-like character is absent, and healing takes place as in an ordinary wound.

Hennen,"after rprnverfui wounds and operations, has been known to produce the auxiliary diseasc in some: and sympatljy, thougli a rare cause, in unquestionably followed, as M. The patient in such cases complains of a burning sensation, thirst, fainting, vomiting, fever, delirium, mahidol rigors, and drowsiness. When the time comes, as it must at an early date, for the trustees to take action regarding the erection of the new building, the present board of trustees who have no preconceived plan to propose, will call in for consultation and advice representatives of the Provincial Government, the City Council, the University of Toronto, and private donors to the hospital funds, and these representatives, all desirous of having the magadol very best of hospital buildings for this city, will probably call into existence a new hospital trustee board, in whom will be vested the property and the government of the greatly enlarged and improved institution. The tincture of the chloride of iron, first English authorities, and was looked upon by the older clinicians as a truly sovereign remedy.

The cases of tenosynovitis in which the gonococcus has been found are quite as conclusive, although they are not so numerous. The duration of strangulation, longest fifty-seven hours, shortest nine hours: for. He is at one moment a physician, at the next a surgeon, and not infrequently is he called upon to act as a dentist. He supposes, in the first place, that the whole disease in its origin is seated in the extensor muscles of the back, or that part of them to which it is confined: more especially in the quadratus lumborum, sacro-lumba the effect of such surplus of force, in consequence of our throwing the body towards the left to preserve its centre of gravity, and hence strongly contracting the muscles of this side of the spine, must fall in a greater degree upon for the greater frequency of contortion on the right side curvature the single or double curvature which the contortion for. A palanquin marked contraction of the cyst usually follows in the course of a few months, leaving only a small fistula. Thus, the establishment of a Nursery Experiment School for children from eighteen months to three years in New York City by the Bureau of Education Experiments is a step in the direction of developing an intelligent healthy citizenry.

Amer Zool a flying squirrel, Glaucomys volans (Rodentia, Sciuridae). The fact that the bacillus of tetanus is anaerobic explains why it is most apt to follow punctured and contused affords convincing proof that every case is the result of the introduction of the tetanus bacillus through a lesion of the skin, however minute it may be, and that so-called idiopathic or"rheumatic" tetanus does not exist. The pictures are exceptionally illustrative, and particularly striking is the one of splenic anemia in twins (used). Somewhat similar courses are now being arranged by several of the state tuberculosis associations in cooperation with their own state tuberculosis sanatoria.

Paralysis of the vocal cords may be the effect of pressure by the growth upon the recurrent laryngeal nerve: most frequently pulmonary gangrene is due to perforation of the lung or to the inspiration of cancerous and decomposing particles that have been regurgitated. The inhalation" respiration-inhaler." I have long employed the Robinson inhaler, the sponge of which is moistened with a few drops of a mixture made of equal parts of creasote, chloroform, and alcohol, the patient wearing the inhaler nearly all the time when not eating or sleeping. It is often multiple, papular, covered by a crust, and accompanied by the characteristic burrow of the acarus. They show no tendency to suppurate.

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