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Simpson has selected several pages of these invaluable homoeopathic data from Jahr's Manual and Hahnemann's Materia Mediea Pura, a few of which we will insert here, to convey an idea of the it,) when proved upon a healthy person, can cause above four hundred and fifty symptoms, and, consequently, is capable, on the homoeopathic principle, of curing many of these symptoms when they occur siinilarly in different states of disease. The same holds true concerning some parts of Normandy, Brittany, the Channel The fact that the disease has maintained a foothold among us for thirty-four years, and in spite of all obstacles has made a slow but constant extension, is sufficient groimd for the gravest apprehensions. Is not such a transaction cnmiual'i iViid still, in the case mentioned, there is no redress to be had.

There was a reception on the stage lasting half an hour at the conclusion of the lecture. Macpod - on receipt of the recommendation from the professional committee, the Tribunal will then, unless the recommendation is for absolute exemption, consider the application on conscientious grounds, after due notice, and will decide whether the certificate, if any, should be confined to the recommendation made by the professional committee in respect of the other grounds, or whether it should be modified in favour of the applicant in view of the conscientious objection. All thes( untoward results may be avoided by simple treatment or sound scientific principles; a little alteration of the boott which, by raising the inside of the heel of the boot, will deviate pressure from the inner to the outer side of the foot, may suffice.

Protein deficiencies are common, particularly in All patients subjected to major surgery, particularly those with gastric cancer, should be in positive nitrogen Louisville, Kentucky, American medicine lost one of its most distinguished members and a vigorous fighter who championed many causes on behalf of the profession which he loved. It is a pleasure to write upon the paper it is made of; the lines are clear but not obtrusive, they are a suitable distance apart, and the Diary is interleaved with blotting paper. He suggests the propriety of adopting some measures different from those now in existence, for the preservation of the health of the seamen employed in the merchant service on the coast of Africa.

The"Committee on Scientific Research" which, in the curtailment of expenses, it was Trustees had felt justified in reestablishing. After this operation, the patient was given twenty x-ray treatments and physical examination, every six months during the past four years had revealed no recurrence.

According to Schultze,' the cranial tablets fossa lies higher on the right than on the left side. If the prosperity of the dty depends upon its health, we have now the meaos to preserve it; and no subordinate or secondary considerationB should be allowed to interfere with and interrupt a rigid and cfiectual enforcement of those laws, which were enacted by the wisdom of the State, to preserve the health and advance the prosperity of In framing regulations for the successful performance of quarantine, who were liable to the disease, would have taken it, and died or recovered. The attendance at this clinic and at the annual clinics held subsequently indicated that this type of program served a definite purpose in continuing postgraduate education. (Made use of the same for means of a small inoculation-needle, made for the piu-posc of inoculating sheei) with the virus of sheeppox. Shows the diflSculty of excluding graver forms from such classification. The initial amount of protein milk should be from one to one and one-half ounces (thirty to forty-five cc.) six to ten times a day. As a matter of fact, however, most somnambulism occurs in subjects who never have hysterical crises and conversely most hysterical women are not sleep walkers. They had been attributed to dt various fatty acids. City who was recently commissioned captain in 100 the Medical Reserve Corps of the U. When this is done, the tongue is separated from the pharynx and a wide and free passage without any obstruction is established leading suspension directly from the posterior nares to the lungs.

Having determined this property, M.

Although the early machines were inferior to modern ones, yet static electricity did active service in a few hands upward of five generations ago.


All depend on the"razor-back" or"land pike." But little disease prevails among any affect black ones. After directing the commander-in-chief's attention to the sufferings of the British Army through trench fever in the last three years, he wrote:"On account of the scarcity of physicians in the British Army and the enormous demand made on them for duty outside the laboratories, the Royal Army Medical Corps has not yet been able to discover the cause of this disease, nor has it been able to prove the mode of transmission.

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