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While during the day the child might be disturbed frequently for the various procedures necessary, it should be away mechanically under the influence of the mouth wash. He believes that he has discovered the reason why the treatment of articular tuberculosis with iodoform is sometimes successful and sometimes not. Patients like it and seem to think it relieves them; and I think iu these cases we have to rely on Grindelia robusta I have used somewhat, and had good results where there was much coughing and little I agree with Dr. The student will, therefore, see that in resolving to study homoeopathy and ultimately adopting its practice, he has the satisfaction of knowing that he is following in the wake of the most advanced section of the old school, while on the other hand he is not, like them, only making use of isolated pieces of practice for which he has the authority of Br. The only and obvious objection to the first operation is uses the resulting scar. Whitehall, was in general practice at Taylor. Secondly, the timid and down upon" too dogmatically. What is disease? Treatment of inflammation and inflammatory fever. They have not remained unchanged from the rime of their first appearance, but have undergone involution and evolution.

He said that he had relieved a stab wound of the stomach uuder cocaine; also, that he had done a suprapubic cystotomy under its inllutnce, in which death would certainly have ensutd had ether been used. I cannot do much, but wUl all I can. Tracing the mucous membrane downwards he referred to ozoena, to aphthae, occurring in weak, emaciated children, to stomatitis when the ulcerations are phagoedenic in type, and to cancrum oris, as conditions to which arsenic was obviously homoeopathic, and in which it had proved invaluable. Samples of all Brook Hill dietary milks will be served.

Migor Boss then said that, in order to avoid misconception, he hoped it would be understood that the obloquy which Dr. This marking seems to be dependent on colours prevailing in dosage its habitat. No bronchial biopsy was obtained. Blood-vessels coimected with the nodules frequently present clusters of bacilli in their interior. Subsequent inquiries and examinations showed, however, that there was no need to od consider the question of infection during transit. Much of the restoration has been accomplished. The Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, announces that the regular course of lectures will hereafter be six months in duration, and three courses of lectures will be required for graduation. Now, if uo bacteriological examination is made, and these cases are included in the statistics of diphtheria, they result unfavorably to the antitoxin treatment, because the healing serum neutralizes nothing but the these cases, which have all the appearances, clinically, of diphtheria aud which are not genuine diphtheria, statistics differ. A very small number of cases derive no improvement in their hearing from the operation.


D., Milwaukee Vernon Kinross-Wright, M.

Monocular diplopia to a sHght extent. They recorded the post mortem signs as great enlargemeilt of the spleen, often to thrice its normal size, some enlargement of the liver associated with fatty degeneration, and areas of necrosis: 500. Carr remained as its manager for fiveVears, and for the next two years was engaged in cattle raising at after five years to enter politics as primary successful at the primaries and defeated Isaac Bums plus for a second term by a similar plurality. Until every department is equipped with all of the facilities and personnel to guarantee all of the fac tors of safety to every mother in labor, we will not be fulfilling our responsibilities to them. The sale of partially dried and stinking animal intestines, beloved by the Sudanese, has been prohibited, though they would appear to be able "750" to devour such abomination with impunity. Hitherto the benefits of this tab charity have been confined to women. The most prominent sensation is that of faintness, sinlang, or" goneness," at the epigastrium. Gibson County, a daughter of William H (price). The Pharmacopoeia fixes this at the commencement of flowering; but it follows from what has been shown that a later period, in fact the months of August and September, would be more suitable for the process. The gauze was packed into the wound during the operation upon the gall-bladder and ducts to protect the peritoneal cavity from blood and bile.

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