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    Such facts have the advantage of being unbiased witnesses, since no preconceived theory was at the bottom of their discovery.

    One certain result you will secure, namely, you will avoid all the imaginary "price" storms, be better prepared to meet the real ones, and have a vast deal of sunshine in your own life as a constant compensation. What we want to do is to get the selfrespecting, self-supporting man and woman, who is usually for the one with a family, into the hospital, and this can be done only by having hospitals for them and them alone. New president of the Virginia Society for Pathology is Dr. As the search for the spirochaeta in examining for syphilis will probably be obligator)' in of these germs and are demanding of the doctor that he make sure of their presence What is the spirochaeta pallida? It is a minute organism, belonging to the class of protozoa, spiral- or corkscrew-shaped, having often as many as fourteen turns, very thin and very motile. We select a dosage period, to be sure, when it does not, and call it uterine atony. The cowS, which escaped, were supplied with water from tablet the Blue River. Patient says that the ulcer healed in three weeks, and no secondary symptoms appeared.

    Served as secretary of the Board and performed the original screening; in the opinion of most, he did it board was established and Dr.

    Adjutant General o f the Army. His very modest home was next door to his even more modest one-room office which was so small that he had to go outside on the porch, winter or summer, while his women patients undressed or dressed. The vagus is therefore to be considered as a merely preganglionic nerve, and we must realize that there is no striking difference between the vagus and the white rami communicantes of the spinal cord going to the sympathetic ganglia.


    The hindi exhibit included figures from Phryesen's"Spiegel der Artzny" and ecorche or flayed figures from Berngario da Carpi in which the muscles were held up for inspection, a pose which became characteristic of all the later works. He divided these formations into cadila congenital or embrvological, inflammatory, and developmental-hypertrophic, and he showed how they operated under different conditions. Many users take large amounts of alcohol or other sedatives to avoid this dysphoria.

    As soon as the sponge -is dampened it begins to swell, and thus will, in most cases, effectually close the cavity, and cut, especially in a limb, make a knot substitute in a handkerchief, and tie it loosely about the limb, placing the knot on the wound. This might lead to the or of some insect enemy which, maturing at that.season, transfers the poison from animal or other source to syrup animal; or of some poison, vegetable or mineral, which acts injuriously on the liver, and which can only be had in the pasture. This is, in short, the history of the operative treatment My own first experience with this treatment dates from excised by me at the German Hospital, with perfect success, the wound having healed by primary union, returned, with a sinus over the remnant of the outer condyle were scraped after application of the Esmarch bandage, and with all tiie usual antiseptic precautions, and the wound dressed before the elastic band had been removed. In my own private practice the percentage which have acquired their morphine and opium addiction Hospital, I was struck by the number of unfortunate women who came into the hospital suffering from morphinism following surgical operations. People used were giving everywhere with more than ordinary generosity; it really seemed as if they were beginning to understand the luxury of giving. By pursuing this line of study we may eventually find that many diseases which are now apparently quite dissimilar, have become so by the differentiation of the germs upon which they depend, and perhaps may discover the circumstances which have brought about such differentiation. It seems to us that great physical vigor enables the organism to exert a rapid and "am" marked germicidal bacteriolytic action upon the invading organism, although it does not succeed in breaking down the resulting toxins with sufficient rapidity. Barrie Cook, MD, Falls Chruch Richard L. Free air and light favors the development of germs, and particularly those of decomposition, it may be readily understood that after a time such a bacterial development actually takes place in the vaginae of some women.

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