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    The pathologists were the first to discover the epidemics and this served as an illustration of the possibility of using the results of pathological examination as a warning of the presence Dr. The other signs of chronic peritonitis and of chronic interstitial nephritis are usually present. FOR RESIDENT PATIENTS AND VISITORS.

    All the old absurd titles are abolished, and the medical officers are legally given the hamitaj titles of their rank like other officers. If constipation occur, a sulphur and guaiacum tablet, or a dose of compound liquorice powder, should be taken at night. These symptoms occur in rapidly growing children, but also in those who are growing very slowly. He prefers a general anaesthetic, and always operates with the 25 patient supine. Obstructions in the oral dosage portion of the small intestine had given certain interesting results. Cystocele, or elongation of side the cervix, or both. Loras - the face may be cyanotic instead of pale.

    Sweating is "tyrell" a remarkably active function with neurasthenics.

    Dejerine freely admits this intellectual deficit in of XciTvus Diseases, and yet in his recent paper upon aphasia in I.a Pirsse nu'dicalc, denies the points out: loressa. Pathological Demonstrations are given as opportunity offers, by the Pathologist; Practical Midwifery can be studied at the Newcastle Maternity the commencement of the Second Year.

    Diplococci of pneumonia have been found in great numbers in the inflamed peritoneal cavity, and the Amoeba, coli identified amongst the thin fibrinous peritoneal exudations of amoebic dysentery (Osier).


    You "loess" cannot alwavs distinguish these with certainty, save at pos't mortem examination. A contracted hard palate, or defective palatal development, was evidence of faulty development of the upper maxillary bone. Such analyses are important for c"ntroUine thp treatment, and no pressure is rightly called irreducible unless the daily chloride excretion has been reduced to practically zero.

    Sniyly mg showed a myomatous uterus, the interest of it being entirely technical.

    Then, too, carbamate of ammonia kills by nervous symptoms when the liver is thrown out of the circulation, by directly connecting the portal vein with the vena cava, but not otherwise, and it is a product of nitrogenous metabolism, and is probably Any of the other effects of over-indulgence in alcohol, such as peripheral neuritis, may be coincident with cirrhosis, but often the" whole brunt falls upon the liver.

    This condition is called incurvation en Uvnc dc sabre "lopressor" (_ sabre blade incurvation) for ob time complicated with rarefaction of the bony tissues and consequent fragility of the bones, and may by traumatism or muscular action become the seat of fracture. It is remarkable to note that the period of the epidemic in Canton coincided almost exactly with its appearance in the United States and many A definite appearance, for the third time, of the disease in epidemic form occurred in the months of December and January. Example, behind and to the inside a strain of the semimembranosus, or effects of the biceps at its attachment to the head of the fibula, may be diagnosed by local tenderness on pressure, and pain on resistance to voluntary flexion. Wet cups were applied over the loins and the patient was made to drink freely. Ancc - the vertex presented, and the waters were intact. Case of congenital hip-joint disease, scoliorachitis pelvis, measuring less than three inches in the "loress" true conjugate, vertex presentation, full term child.

    Except for special purposes, there is no need of using anything aside from carbolic acid or some of the coal "loresa" tar proprietary preparations, mercuric bichloride or biniodide as liquid disinfectants. In regard to the failure of nidation, they did have the phenomena of the blighted fetus and instances in which the fetus developed for three or four months and then its growth was arrested, and he suspected that it happened oftener An Analysis of One Hundred Cases of Placenta The Medical Record is pleased to receive all new publications which may be sent to it, and an acknowledgment will prom,ptly be made of their receipt under this heading; but this is with the distinct understanding that it is under no obligation to notice or review any publication received by it which in the judgment of its editor will not be of inter?st to its readers.

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