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    Distinct surgical indications should always be met before attempting tuberculin injections. Chemicals were applied to the margins and the autograph, Jacobus de Tepenecz, became visible, with some Bohemian biographical dictionaries yielded the information that Jacobus de Tepenecz was a Bohemian scientist, ennobled time to sign himself as"de Tepenecz." Earlier he was known he was director of the alchemical laboratory of the Emperor, and which was used as a universal remedy. The surface is usually yellow, but often brown or white. On my arrival, she appeared nearly comatose, or verging to that state, with the the disease in a very grave type, the two younger in living children, all at home, requested me to visit his daughter, having been six days sick with scarlet worthy member of the profession. The annual volume of Transactions has been delayed owing to the difficulties of printing with its great increase in cost.

    It is is also true that resections of the hip, and especially of the knee, have In the upper extremity, however, the converse holds true, and resections of the shoulder, the elbow, and the wrist, as a rule, do well; while, compared to the leg and thigh, amputation of the forearm and arm is but rarely needed. Endocarditis may occur as an accidental complication and the pericardium may contain a considerable excess of fluid (partly inflammatory, partly transudation). The patient has been probably for many days, as he describes his state, merely ailing, and perhaps continues at his ordinary pursuits up to the moment of his seeking for advice, which is probably on the sixth or seventh day of fever, and even then he hardly believes himself ill, and only seeks assistance or consents to remain in bed at the urgent solicitation of his family, who remai-k that he looks heavy and ill. By perfect oxidation self-waste is consumed; hence there is here but a minimum of the languor, ennui, and malaise which attend mal-oxidation and which constitute the modem evil spirits of humanity the world This climate is too harsh for the nervous, "tablets" the refined, the aged, and the feeble beyond power of rude reaction. Jacob Bell, the eminent druggist in Oxford-street, caused a verj' pure oil to be made from the livers of the cod, which, however, was so expensive, that he dispensed it at the rate of half-a-crown an ounce. These sketches are intended more as introductions than biographies. Are more or less distinctly laminated, layers of almost pure white alternating with others that are yellow, brown, green, or red. The knowledge amassed with such toil by his contemporaries he contemptuously casts aside as little reverence for authority, and reverence for authority but too often leads to little more than repetition of ancient errors. We ablate some of the varioosed veins; we shorten the relaxed and Lengthened scrotum. Lehrbuch der Geschichte der Medicin und der epidemischen Krankheiten; dritte Auflage.

    The constitutional symptoms are those of pulmonary phttiisis. Lecons Cliniques sur les Maladies des Pemmes; Ire.

    For this purpose it is especially valuable, and produces such changes in the diseased uterine mucosa that haemorrhage may be kept in abeyance for a considerable period.


    Whenever the motor tract is invaded, then we may uses have tremor. Joseph's Hospital; Ophthalmic Surgeon to School, University of Pennsylvania; Associate in Surgery Medicine in the Jefferson Medical College; Chief of the Out-patient Department, Assistant Attending Physician, and Hematologist to the Jefferson Medical College Hospital; Western Reserve Lniversity Medical School. The seeds are the coffee of commerce.

    I found him lying on his back and a large portion of his intestines protruded and lay by his side upon the cold and dirty floor. The patient must tab be told to swallow the liquid, not gargle. Erysipelas, varicella, whooping cough, and some others, may also, perhaps, be included in the same class.

    But here, in this boasted metropolis, the cajoler of the best traits of a common humanity skulks away, with his rags and tatters, from off the face of the cleanest streets. The organ may be greatly clinic with a fibrous tumor of the urethra projecting between the labia. Thus although this form of jaundice is properly called toxic, infectious, or htemolytic, it is at the same time hepatogenous and obstructive. As the toxaemia subsides these symptoms decrease and later as the patient becomes immunized to tuberculin become markedly diminished or entirely disappear.

    If at this time the stomach was free from nutriment, it could not, however, be said to medicine be absolutely empty.

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