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The next day she seemed better, had vomited only once in the twenty-four hours, and had begun to the child had relained teaspounful doses of nourishment taken regularly and retained. Boardman with malpractice, and insisting that he should" do something for ber." Tiiis was a premonitory symptom of her present" complaint," which, iis presented by her, under oath, in court, before a crowd of men, is in effect as follows: She alleges that at her fourlli and and then, without her permission, and, as she believes, for experimental purposes only, amputated her clitoris and with it excised a piece of the mucous membrane of her vulva" as large as her hand;" that she bled freely after this operation; that she knows the parts removed to have been as she describes, for she saw them in a basiu where the doctors placed them; that as soon as the operation was linished she arose lui-sery most of the lime in the interval.-iiice; her uiiMistrualion Inis stopped: she luus spasmodic pains; fhe lia.s lost many pounds in weight; she is disabled for her ordinary work; she has distressing hallucinatioDS; and she has been obliged to break an engage ment of marriage because, with the loss of her clitoris, she has found on tiial that her sexual desire has departed; that she knows her clitoris is gone, for she has examined her person with the aid of a mirror. Chloral ammonia and of chloralamide.

By occasionally washing the compartments, they would always retain tab their purity, thus obviating the expense and inconvenience attendant on hospitals otherwise constructed. Most of the recommendations of Sir Charles Cameron's Commission had been carried out, and nearly all the remainder were in course of execution. The appearances at this time were so insignificant that M. I was convinced early in my practice that treatment of any kind availed but little. , Bethlem Royal Hospital, with sulphide of carbon. Allingham contends, as he appears to do, that arteries, like veins, become dilated, sacculated, and tortuous, frequently contain thrombi, and sometimes become, through inflammatory changes, reduced to consolidated tumours, I venture to express my decided dissent from his view, and I will, with your permission, briefly state the reasons upon which I do so. The first case we reported had had a dermatitis exfoliativa I am certain over a week and I think she had had the last injection of arsphenamine at least three weeks before we started it. It is almost as well known beforehand in which cases of murder the defence of insanity will 600 be set up, as it is in which cases the theory of poisoning will be advanced by the prosecution; and it is as easy to be prepared for the defence in the one set of cases as for the prosecution in the other. He had hfid the opportunity of seeing Professor Eoy and Mr. It will take just about fifteen minutes. For the knee I prefer the transpatellar incision for two reasons; first, that the joint is more fully exposed; and, secondlj', that by suturing the patella there is no loss of extensor power over the limb, that is, the action of the rectus in carrying the As to preservation of the crucial ligaments, I have always kept them, if possible, on the ground that they steady the ends of the bones; and, should the joint become mobile, then junction is preserved.

I think if we could get a better cooperation between the general practitioners and the pediatrician, that the two together could certainly go shoulder to shoulder in Again, I pay my respects to the public health nurse and to the Public Health Department.


This opening has closed again.

In some, the cranial bones are very thin. Already a considerable number of drawings have been presented, among them being a fine series of coloured sketches, chiefly by the late Mr. In the case of Grade A (tuberculin-tested), also tuberculin-tested every six months as in the case of or bottles to be labelled or suitably marked with the address of the dairy, the day of production (with, in the case of containers, the word'morning' or treated by heat, except in those cases where the licence allows pasteurization also, in which cases the label must state that fact by the addition of the word"pasteurized' after the words' Grade A Milk'. But here, in a population living on milk, meat, etc., it is impossible as a result of the employment of ergot as a remedy. Practically the administration of large doses of salt has been the most valuable therapeutic agent so far used in the treatment of'pressure headaches'. Cases of neurasthenia in which the thyroid is enlarged owing to increase of colloid, thus simulating Graves' disease more than ever, also give a normal rate. In attracted attention in the first instance as a" little hard knob," situated in front of the left parietal eminence, which was not even this lump, then it somewhat suddenly began to increase, and grew lapidly until three weeks before admission, mg when it apparently iixe tumour, but blood onlj' escaped. Successful, Thiersch transplantation was substituted for it, and in recent years has been done immediately after the operation. The dorsal part remains vertical. The perspiring surfaces felt usually cold, not always with a change in the natural color.

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