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Our statesmen, with few exceptions, have received no education in science, and though Prime Ministers have translated Homer, and written with more or less learning on Greek Mythology or the early Christian Fathers, Lord Salisbury is, wo believe, the first who has had any pretensions to bo a man of Bcience. Beginning with this issue, the highest ethical standards are to prevail, standards that shall have the approval of the most critical censors in the profession. In the first Report, recently published, is to be found, as doubtless you are aware, some very important information respecting Newcastle, to which I now refer only for the purpose of expressing my hope, that the medical gentlemen appointed to report on the sickness and health of the poor of this town will favour us with some further explanation as to their manner of action; for it seems that Newcastle is an.almost exceptional instance of cordial co-operation between the various local authorities concerned in the care of the public health. Stewart, the surgeon of the institution, and Aldermen Dodds, Hedley, and Pollard, visiting justices. The first requisites to successful study are: steady application and concentration of the mind on the subject studied, and a retentive memory The latter may be acquired by The student was urged to exercise great discrimination in the choice of amusements. Following this, turning is done with eyes remaining closed. Pour this mixture, containing ferric hydrate as a precipitate, upon a wet muslin strainer (which has been weighed, after having been wetted and deprived of the e.xcess of water by moderate pressure), and when the liquid has drained off, return the precipitate to the vessel, and mix it water. There is considerable difference of opinion as to how this has arisen. When you see them, particularly the officers, come to you and beg for these foods, etc., not for themselves, but for the others, it is too much for the hardest heart, and the supplies I have here are not a drop MEDICINE IN HOLLAND. Otros frambesia, linfogranuloma, enfermedad de Weil, piroplasmosis y contar con que el estado precario de los enfermos en la sala de el personal adscripto al uses Hospital. Generally, in cases of narrow pelvis, they had to contend against a contracted uterus; and the great difficulty was to get a sufficient quantity of bone extracted. Sprague (manager of the Scottish Equitable Life Assurance Society) fully agreed with Mr. Patients who were getting ill of this condition, or who were convalescing again, were often noticed to lie unable to stoop without collapsing. The Association, acting for the profession, as it always has done in this matter of medical reform, has declared direct representation and the one portal vital principles of such reform. If they had such a volume it would be the interest and the desire of the leading members of the Association, and of the members generally, to bring forward their best papers at these meetings. Others are very unfavorable subjects, particularly the The statistics will therefore vary according to the class of patients dealt with. :: Original Contributions:: Read before the California Eclectic Medical Society To the expectant mother this is certainly a boon and good news of forte the first order. For convenience, several quotations have been placed in foot-notes.

Chilblains and Frost-Bites, Remedies Frost-bites are common in cold weather, and especially when it is damp, and attack the portions of the body not well supplied by the circulation, such as the ears, nose, fingers and toes. To completely precipitate the iron albuminaij, adding the liquid slowly and with constant stirring. He has shown in experimental inflammation that the injection of adrenalin would markedly reduce this periinflam matory edema.


The Poor-law district officer should not live too far from his patients. Courts vary in their and attorneys, medical ethicists, and physicians long for some concensus (cap). Hardy, Associate Professor of Epidemiology, DeLamar Institute, assigned to the School of Tropical Medicine; livosil Dr. Whenever brought to my notice it has been my custom to simply call the attention of the offender to the fact, without any unnecessary publicity; and as a rule, subject to very few exceptions, this has proved quite sufficient to secure an abandonment of Hissouri; the Boston Bellevue Medical College of Massachusetts. The calf muscles were always found tender on deep pressure, save in those whose mental condition precluded the possibility of testing. If a naufea, or an ineffectual attempt to vomit continued after the exhibition of the tartar emetic, I gave a fecond dofe of it with the-happied eiTech, If the vomit failecj of opening the bowels, I mach; but accident has lately taught me, that the juice of two limes or of one lemon, with about half an ounce of Isaf fugar added to fix drachms of Glauber or Epfom fait, three plentiful (tools.

When Instruments are furnished to a Contract Physician by a Medical Purveyor, the kind, and cost price thereof, are to be reported by the Medical Purveyor to this Office (dosage). As a matter of fact, when soldiers need surgery, they receive the best from surgeons, and it is apt to be the surgeon who is called from civil life who is found most useful. The use of such expressions as"tipple","turning the tap off","gorge rises", etc.; the employment of examples of doubtful sex as instances of the difficulty of defining words; the frequent citation of medical cases which have occurred in the writer's practice, for purposes of illustration, show a want of good taste, which we should think will go far to limit the sale of the book.

Acyclovir to ara-A for biopsy proven herpes simplex neurologic sequelae was significantly reduced among capsules acyclovir-treated patients.

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