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Practically all observers affirm a leucopenia as characteristic, but there is tablet difference of opinion regarding the relative proportion of the various cells. The leading -rational symptoms of the disease are nightblindness, or, at least, a deficiency in vision most marked at night, together with evidence of special inrperfeetion in the outer part of the field of vision. For when the course of a stream is interrupted, it swells above the obstacle. Imprimis, it reviews is necessary to know the relation of temperature in the medulla oblongata to that in the rectum. Of the patients in this group who were not operated on thirty-three have been reported remarkably improved under treatment by alkalies; fourteen are reported to continue to have symptoms of pain; seventeen of the patients had not been reported, not having been examined recently, or having been lost track of. Subsequent death of the animal. The chief symptoms of suprarenal insufficiency are asthenia, prostration and lowered blood-pressure. Tense expectation, emotional states or moods, a lively imagination, or pathologically increased facility of reproducing ideas will also favor illusion, for in these circumstances certain ideas are prone to be held focal in consciousness and they will obviously have the best opportunity for cooperating with any sense impression which may enter. Eolling, pawing, and shifting about, sweating, and breathing fast, with great fever, exaltation, Can only be mistaken for colic, (which see.) In colic tJiere are times of ease from pain, but never in this disease. Process of the premaxilla and the ma.xillary tg process of the frontal bone (nasal splints), illustrating a tendency of syphilitic lesions to become localized at points bones occurring late in the course of a generalized infection. It may possibly be well 20 to keep the water just on a simmer; do coagulate all the albumen, and so either leave it on the sieve in straining, or introduce it into the stomach in the form of curds. Bromides, rest, and an empirical mixture of thyroids, ovarian and corpus luteum extracts will not only relieve the hot flashes but cause the blood-pressure to drop to the region indicated by the amount of vascular sclerosis In conclusion Cummings points out that nephritis does not play so important a part in hypertension as was formerly believed.

That micrococci are associated with the progress of diseases involving the different structures has been demonstrated clearly by the microscope; and experiments tend to lU'ove that certain wraps disorders are propagated from one person to another by means of such germs. 10 - during my first winter here, at night. A FEW BRIEF NOTES ON THE HORBID ANATOMY OR ESSENTIAL ELEHENTS OF TRUE TUHORS. On removing the spleen from the body and placing external opening which existed during life. When this is no longer the case, fresh matter must be procured and inoculation proceeded with as at first.

He perfoi-med the excision with scissors; others preferred the bistoury, but this difference is of but little importance. After the theory of coction and crisis, that which prevails the most in the Hippocratic books, is the doctrine of the four elements, or the four elementary qualities, heat, cold, dryness and moisture, and the four cardinal humors, blood, bile, atrabile and phlegm. Absence of any characteristic blood-pressure Left Scapular Pain and Tenderness in Heart Disease and Distress. Gabel' form an mg undulating membrane but maj" act as a free flagellum. In determining the capacity for vision in dim lights, one darkens the room and finds out whether the patient sees as long as the examiner and whether his eye becomes dark-adapted as quickly. The result is that, in this especial vein, the weight of the superincumbent blood column is in excess of the forces engaged in propelling it, the skin bordering and intermediate between it and the valve barrier next below becomes congested uses and ultimately ulcerates. In the first, the fracture, although transverse, passes obliquely from above downward and forward, so that while at the anterior aspect of the bone the line is not more than a quarter of an tea inch from the articular surface, on the posterior, the distance is increased to about an inch.


Oribasius has written several works, of which the most important, entitled Collections Medicinales, was dedicated to Julian, when he was only as yet Csesar.

In a few cases, he has given as much as two drachms in the course A solution of the Ioduret in water, to which some tincture of Iodine has been added, may be advantageously used as a gargle in ulcerated sore-throat, and as a wash to ulcers on the surface, or on the Scfmeiderian membrane. By the first step the young surgeon saved from cauterization all who had simple gun-shot wounds; by the second, he spared all subjects of amputation dreadful suffering. My experience in this respect accords with that of Dr.

The annual announcement gives a list of the medical and surgical cases brought before the class during the last session, and by its number- and variety, sustains the high reputation of Philadelphia for advantages of clinical instruction.

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