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    A number of very useful pills are directed in the Pharmacopoeia, and are kept ready made in the shops, as the aloetic pills, or the pills of aloes and colocynth, for opening the bowels; capsule the compound rhubarb pills, commonly called stomachic pills; the pills of aloes and assafetida, known by the name of hysteric pills, from their utility in the flatulent state of the bowels, which generally attends hysteria; and the squill pills, useful as an expectorant. For twenty years he held the responsible of the Society's interests, his vacancy will not be easily filled.

    Chloral and bromide, which had previously quieted him, had now no effect. There has been only one slight recurrence of symptoms necessitating the combined regimen again, but he has been on continuous phenylbutazone therapy now for over seven years. Quinine, evgotine, and-tlie continued use of the galvanic current were the measures adopted.


    Conscious memory traces are already established, implying a division between the preconscious and the conscious states and the beginning of the thinking process. Table Showing Comparison of Relative and Absolute Xumber of White Blood Cells. London, and in view of the increasing importance of this subject, Task that those interested in the subject may have an opportunity to send on their subscriptions. By a running ewe stock is understood the practice of buying-in ewe lambs to maintain the flock, and selling all the produce. Walker's and Wessel's Jesuit's effects Drops. Its rapid action in relieving tissue inundation makes mercuhydrin the choice of many that, in many instances, only an injectable organomercurial can adequately meet such an emergency.

    Attempt therefore to accomplish the ejection by introducing the hand up the rectum, and gently pressing the fundus of the bladder forwards, which may force the passage. Clothing forms an important article in the economy of the training stable, and is of the greatest utility to the trainer, as by its use in sweating his horses, he is enabled to reduce them to the necessary lightness of body, without running' the risk of injuring their legs by extra strong gallops, or their constitutions by physic; these latter, and the hot-air bath, being the means of effecting his object. We may luive apoplectiform or epileptiform attacks and paralysis occurring in tlu,' course of these cerebral hypeiajmias, and they may be due either to obstructed lirain, in whicli transudation of serum takes place into the perivascular sp.aces and interstitial tissue of the We know comparatively little yet respecting the in the brain and its appendages, as a result of the abuse of alcohol. Those purely functional I shall now In the variety of conditions of the nervous system grouped under the head of"hysteria," we often observe tliat frequent urination is a prominent symptom. A little rhubarb and magnesia with ginger, taken in peppermint-water, is one of the most efficacious (lipived). We may here repeat, what we have said under Weaning, that tlie bowels of infants are not to be teazed with medicines at that period; and we may extend the prohibition both before and after, and recommend that they should never be given except on occa-' sions of real and obvious necessity: side.

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