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    Some other reporters refer to keloid as offering no peculiarities in their experience, 750 as it occurs in hot climates. It was rung to call the ambulatory patients to their milk and egg diet noonday meal and to have their temperatures taken. We have the history of four of Mr: 500. These members should be especially adapted to the purpose, and might be unfitted for the general duties They should be selected as intelligent, educated, fair-minded, honest and upright representatives of the entire profession. He was of diminutive stature, very little over "tab" five feet in height. To the House of Delegates, and in that way jurisdiction for the removal is obtained outside of the county in which the member lives. In all cases of acute disease where dilatation is present, the patient should remain constantly in the recumbent position, all starchy foods avoided, also grapes, baked apples, oranges and acid fruits, relying on milk, custards, strong soups, yolk of egg and stale bread or rusks until the stomach is able to take care of boiled fish, chicken, etc. The fact that the disease occurs 250 where heat and moisture are present accounts for the amount of change induced, and also the variation from ordinary tinea circinata, from which it differs mainly in being accompanied by more infiltration. It is the duty of the state to do its part toward this beneficent end, and we hereby commit the republican party to the establishment and support of The Banana Products Company is endeavoring to establish a coffee, brealcfast foods, flour, and other banana products plant in Seattle. The soddened surface epithelium having been removed by massage of the hands under water and the use of ordinary soap the hands are finally rinsed in warm carbolic"soaking," it is tersely asserted,"is better than soaping." The author's method of sterilizing the skin and deeper tissues of the patient is based on the fact that it is possible to salivate a patient by the inunction of the surface of the abdomen with mercurial ointment. It may be fairly said, however, that the chance of recovery was lessened by the disturbance caused by the drugs.

    In the primary cases the prognosis is better where the tuberculosis is represented by miliary tubercles of the peritoneum with ascites than in the cases with thick adhesions, without much fluid. The foot of the bed should be elevated and external heat should be applied. Their structure is best based upon the study of five personal cases and extensive literary research, that Hodgkin's disease is a clinical and pathologic entity, and that it is separable from all conditions resembling it at first glance, especially from tuberculosis and pseudoleukemia, by its clinical and pathologic behavior and its characteristic histology, which speaks decidedly for the chronic inflammatory character of the disease. Generally in congenital cases it remains stationary. A Specimen Presented by about one year old.

    As to the causes of the morbid condition of the larynx, we can glean but scanty information from the observations recorded, excepting with reference to a few cases.


    So far as is known at the present time the organism does not produce a soluble toxin, but possesses rather an endotoxin.

    They can cater to the class of trade they desire. No other treatment was applied except the free use of warm teas.

    The chemical will not be used even externally THE MEDICAL TREATMENT OF GASTRIC ULCER. Operation, small cicatrix of old ulcer found on anterior wall.

    This also is the form of renal change met in the socalled" kidney of enlarged, having a rotund appearance, pale or at times mottled.

    All that was said was that it seemed to be perfectly normal; that there was not any distortion of the alveolar ridge, the teeth, or the nostril. By means of the fly this bacillus may reach the intestinal tract of some person in a very short time after it has been expectorated from another person's lungs, or it may be deposited upon the food which is not immediately eaten, and which may be sent out to localities far removed from close proximity of the tuberculous. There are never signs of cystitis.

    The significance of this is that a subkatabolic initial event of considerable magnitude may be transmitted and secondarily expressed in the narrow distribution of a single motor nerve, as a tetanic painful contraction. These were treated without mercurials and recovered, without gangrenopsis.

    " Ligature of the femoral artery has been performed, and is recommended by some authorities, but the accounts of the result of this rather serious operation are so contradictory, and the principle on which it is based so utterly at variance with our ideas of the true pathology of the disease, that we have never felt justified in performing or recommending it: levostar. They always occur alternately with the octohedra of oxalate of lime, or mixed with them; and were regarded by Dr. From Medical Service of the Wilkes-Barre General latter years of life his activities were largely confined to consultation and private practice in internal medicine wherein he enjoyed the well-deserved reputation as the leading consultant in his field throughout the Wyoming It was not only his skill as a physician, but his personality which endeared Dr.

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