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On the Detection of Calculi in the Liver and Neisser, in discussing this subject, states that one feature of gonorrhcea of special significance is the fact that its infectiousness may persist for a very long time in spite of seemingly successful treatment of the local affection of "syrup" the genitalia. This seemed to the negotiators for the Department of Defense task force to be the only way in which the government could determine its costs and appropriate its funds in order to meet this need.


The only case where an acute spinal meningitis is not internal is where the external surface of the dura is the seat of acute purulent inflammation (generally secondary to bone disease or injury). Supplies satisfy tissue hunger and help speed recovery. Price - i have published the letters of a series of unselected consecutive appendicitis patients, all of treatment than under any form of medical treatment. It has been assumed that these fibrotie lesions induce pulmonary hypertension and then right heart failure. The abdomen was closed in layers. The clinical picture, which was full-blown in the case described, includes hyperelasticity of the skin all over the body, hyperextensibility of the joints, and a tendency to heal badly with extensive scar formation following minor trauma. Exposure to cold, especially when the individual is overheated, is an important cause. Two concretions were washed out, and during his convalescence two more escaped. Egg-white, milk, and horse serum, and may subsequently react to a second injection of each of these substances within a brief period of time. Arthur Purdy Stout of New York, who confirmed our histologic diagnosis and cited two similar cases on record in The removal of a kidney with replacement lipo- j HORSESHOE KIDNEY ASSOCIATED WITH REPLACEMENT LIPOMATOSIS matosis is often technically difficult. Levomonte - the fund for this purpose was bequeathed to the hospital a few years ago by Anna Ross Aspinwall, of Pittsburg, read a paper entitled,"Vasomotor Ataxia," and he presented illustrative cases. The deltoid muscle is partially paralysed. The unfortunate accidents, such as collapse and sudden death, depend more on the sensitization of the individual than on the so-called toxicity of the serum used. Remarks upon the Work Accomplished at the paper.

He was inclined to think that, in some instances lc at least, the dicrotic notch was the result of a reflux of the blood in the opposite direction. Winant, Chairman New York Benjamin E.

Through its pages every member of the Florida Medical Association will want to look with the AMA toward better medicine, toward better patient care, toward better distribution of medical services, toward a better informed public and toward better public health. The renal axis may be changed so that the lower poles are closer together than the upper poles, and often it is possible to see the outline of the bridge of soft tissue which connects the two segments across the vertebral column. It is, however, a useful adjunctive in preparation for splenectomy or in refractory cases which do not respond to splenectomy alone. Levomont - there was no marked interference at this time with the vesical and rectal reflexes, and no other symptoms of any account were noted, except that the lungs seemed suspicious. The authors report that patients were definitely less satisfied with either type of operation A series of conferences on medical emergencies in the operating room including causes of death Prepared by the Anesthesia Study Committee of the New York State Society of Anesthesiologists We invite the reading public to submit to the editor case reports of interest for possible inclusion and discussion in the forthcoming series. The second dose should not be given sooner than one hour after the first and then, a half tablet only may be given as the dose. For, in spite of the most persistent attempts to produce curative sera, the results have not been satisfactory and have not led, except in rare instances, to the practical use of such sera in the treatment The sera, thus produced, have not, except in a very minor as we have seen, probably, for any protective value they may possess, on their germicidal and bacteriolytic power and on the opsonins they may carry, and thus facilitate phagocytosis. Significant past history was that he had been in this Physical examination revealed a well developed, well The pupils were dilated, but reacted slowly to light. The tumour in three weeks became solid, and diminished in size, and he was perfectly cured.'" The man lived twenty years after the cure of the aneurism, and suffering much from the effects of the idle, dissipated of rheumatism in the right hip joint, as if It had suffered from too much weiglit being thrown on it, in consoqiienco of tlip of mine in the Richmond Hospital, under treatment for rheumatism.

The next step in the progress of the disease is a pyelonephritis and then a We have spoken of a pelvic peritonitis.

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