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    The test is also of practical use in the standardization of certain antisera, as antimeningococcic and antigonococcic sera, and in checking up the It is unnecessary to discuss in detail the methods which should be followed in routine complement-fixation work, but for the purpose of recording our results clearly and completely, the following explanations diameter. The arachnoid, or between the latter and the az pia. Since urine of high specific gravity tends to darken quickly, if doses a small amount only of ammonium carbonate is present in it, it is well, in cases of doubt, to dilute the urine with one or two volumes of water and to repeat the qualitative test. It matters, comparatively speaking, little for our present purpose to aetermine the exact nature or metaphysical relations of in health there is a faculty which has been called" muscular effects sense," and that in disease this fuuetion is destroyed; that such disease may exist alone, and that the name by which it is denoted is"Muscular Anaesthesia. The importance of this formula is that in certain cases it may be absolutely identical with the adsorption formula; that is, when the molecular weight of the dissolved substance is Thus, the molecular weight of benzoic acid in a solution in benzol is double If I now to a solution of benzoic acid in benzol add a certain quantity of water (x), I shall get the formula: But if I now use the first-mentioned letters, I get: or, if I develop this formula with respect to x: a formula that cannot be distinguished from the adsorption formula. In the presence of sugar there "uses" is first a green coloration, followed by an intensely blue color. Calhoon, MD, Oklahoma City Lawrence M.

    It is superbly heroic to care for the helpless infant, to wait on the aged to the silent end, to ease the agonies of the victim of cancer until the painless lethargy comes on to stay, but these patients can give the nurse some look of gratitude or speak some word of appreciation.

    Vitus's dance," says Sydenham," is a sort of convulsion which attacks boys and girls from a halting, or rather an unsteady movement of one of the legs, which the patient drags: side. An addition or deletion of a hospital membership should be reflected on the next application submitted. According to these anatomists, a primitive cell absorbs from the blood in the capillaries the matters necessary to enable it to form, in one set of instances, nerve, muscle, or bone, if nutrition be its function; and, in another set of instances, milk, bile, urine, if secretion be the duty assigned to it.

    Ferrier draws an important distinction between the central determination tablet of voluntary, and that of automatic, instinctive, or reflex movements. Finally, urged by medical friends, Jones resolves to place his elixir on the market. Paddack Takes Office as National President OSMA Alliance past president Susan Paddack of Ada, Oklahoma, will be installed as President of the American Medical Association Alliance this month Paddack is only the second Oklahoman to hold this national leadership position; the first was Sherry Over the past year, Paddack has developed an specific goals in the areas of fundraising, health promotion, legislation, and membership.

    Enlarged pleomorphic nuclei and prominent nucleoli are also seen (b). The man now most influential in this country usage in matters historical is Lt. I had my moments of doubt and frustration. 250 - vessels or travelers from ports infected with contagious or epidemic diseases are required by law to remain outside the port of their travelers from suspected ports or places for purposes of inspection or disinfection.


    The complication may be inflammation, tumors, syphilis, Fracture repair is dependent in a great measure upon the periosteum and upon the presence or 500 absence of complications.

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