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And forafmuch as in all accounts, divers and many thingsat fundry times, are requifite to be known, ye shall therefore in your Calender firft note the name of the Treafurer, with the leafe where his account is entered, and alfo in the margent at the entrance of the faid account, ye fhall note the leafe of your Book of Survey, where the reparations mentioned in the fame account, And for the ready finding of every matter, contained in every account, ye fhall in the margent of this book ufe as is aforefaid, to note divers generall words, Accompts, Provijions, Liveries, Gifts, Legacies, Rewards, Agreements, Surrenders, Bargahts, Stdts, Recoveries, placed in your Calender, the leaf where every of them is mentioned in any of the accounts contained in this book, that at a word maybe feenwhat hath been done in all thefe things, from the firft Treafurer to the laft. A mild dysentery which is very hard to treat is often found in these patients.


One of the first and most important methods of investigation was the comparison of the blood of the splenic artery and that of the vein; also, later, of the splenic lymph with that of other parts of the body. The matrix of the principal part of the cartilage is quite normal, but there is usually more or less proliferation of the cartilage cells, leading at times to 500 the accumulation of from four to eight or twelve cells in one capsule; the cartilaginous matrix is, moreover, rather granular and somewhat split up.

Our institutions, medical museums and medical libraries have received their full share of encomiums.

' The first step in the direction of studying disease after this general plan is to establish some methods of oliservation which shall be uniform tliroughoiit the world, some mathematical language which shall be universally unilerstond. Well, doctors see more than any other class; therefore, arc more charitable. Excellent for those of constipated habit. Jithihiieh fiir Kiiiihuhfilknnde contains a paper by eases of the di.sease observed and treated liy him in the chis.sed with tlie idiopathic eases, as tlie anatomical I cases of lymphadenitis retropharyngealis, which he classes with the idiopathic retropharyngeal abscesses,' iiecause he believes that the latter always result from the former. Nuphtuli Herz Imber, in the Denver Med, Times for April, gives an insight into the medical teachings of the Talmud, from which we gather that most too small to be seen by the eye. Coincident symptoms are arthritic and peri-articular 750mg localized effusions of blood. There is no ointment, salve or application whatsoever which can knit together the lips of a wound and heal it. Eespiratory spasm, continuing for two or three minutes, has been noted in at least one case, with recovery at last (harga). It does not stain, and evaporates rapidly, so that there is no need to protect peritoneal surfaces from the skin prepared with the solution. It is (piite evident that he is enthusiastic in the advocacy of a new theory, and we fear that in this instance his enthusiasm has got the better of his usually good judgment, and led him into the delusion that there was no better way of an-, nouncing such theory than by w riling a book.

It is: a little premature to shout,"No relapsing fever without spirochsetes, and no drop spirochaetes without relapsing fever" ( Unterlerger). We are directed, and I believe it is a direction generally, if not universally given in the schools, to compel the patient to retain his urine for several hours previous to the operation, that the bladder may be properly distendodj and in order to insure this result, we are told to pass a ligature round the prepuce, and place the patient in charge of an attendant to prevent eye its removal. These daily variations are much less than those already mentioned as occurring from change of climate, and possibly they are too slight to have any marked effect on the action of most medicines; yet, in any attempt to ascertain precisely the causes why the medicines we administer fail at one time and succeed at another in producing the action we desire, we must bear in mind the possibility of their action being altered even by such small factors as Very remarkable is the effect of temperature on the action in frogs. Mittendorf, the pharmaceutist (Twenty-firet Street and Fourth Avenue), who for the past few years has supplied me with the solution that I have employed in This formula will be found especially convenient by those who supply themselves with the above case. These workshops A major success story was a Christmas decorating party on the volunteers from the unit and Intensive Care, forty patients and their guests decorated the floor obat to perfection.

They were separated by a very wide notch, the space between them being filled up by synovial membrane. Cannabis Indicae, The Southern Surgical and Gynaecological Asso ciation, at its recent meeting at Atlanta, Ga., elected the following officers for the ensuing year: from small pox was registered in Ireland last year (levocin). Hemorrhoids have always been divided into external and internal.

Infus - when, on the other hand, the conditions of life are such as obviate or remove this susceptibility, the extinction of this virus may be easily effected by the destruction of the diseased animals followed by a thorough disinfection. Since provision vouchers are now paid apa monthly they would mount into hundreds of voucher numbers if given individual number's for each public bill.

Marty, on the other hand, holds that a number of hindrances to the flow of blood exist during pregnancy, and considers as especially important the generic circumstance that the blood flows from small vessels into large canals in the uterus and that this fact, in connection with the increased extent of the vascular territory, the serpentine course of the arteries, the pressure of the uterus on the vessels, and the gi-eat increase of the portion of the vascular system lying beneath the heart, tends to render the circulation slower and to influence prejudicially the function and nutrition of the heart. Quickly return, like the sun of Springtime, Kindle the fires of youth once again.

It wants tlie external envelope, for instance, and he proposes to name it as a symptoms specially suggestive of the existence of a hematozoiiu; tliere was neither cliyluria, elepliautiasis, nor lymphatic varix, all of which are found in Egypt.

It did not take the form of the classical cone with its base downwards, but of an elongated ellipse, extending obliquely from left to right, and below upwards, its summit almost touching the outer third of the right clavicle: name.

One lady speaks most enthusiastically of its power, as she has now, on two separate occasions had her headache arrested by its use.

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