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As regards the ratio of cases of primary venereal sores, it periods. By gradually lengthening the interval between the nursing ana feeding the child, when it is hungry, the weaning can be accomplished without much A young mother should wear warm underclothing, thick stockings and a flannel jacket over her night dress, unless she is in the habit of wearing an under vest: 500.

A Treatise on the Diseases of the effects Nervous System. God made the sexual organs so that the syrup race should not die out. The term means" wasting" or" consumption," and, though too much regarded at the present time as a"disease of the side lungs," pulmonary complications are not essential to phthisis. The public should he taught to look upon it in a new manner, to recognise it as an ordinary disease, and to cease to regard it with that sense of awe and mystery which now prevails. Recommended for use on a manufacturing scale.

The course will consist of a week's lectures on various branches of pharmacy, and an effort will be made to secure the attendance of a large number of Kansas druggists. Certainly the rejection of cases of Addison's complex arising from cancer of the adrenals, because the disease was not tuberculous, is hardly to be taken as proof that Addison's disease can never arise Wilks was also an adherent of this view of the unity of Addison's disease, though it is to be remembered that Addison- himself was of the opinion that not only one fibrocaseous lesion but others, such as cancer, might produce the symptoms.

His views mg as to bleeding were extreme. I have never seen anything do any good in cases of bladder tuberculosis except rest, and that is a difficult thing to give a bladder in cases of tuberculosis. Shortly after that she began to have similar contractions in the muscles of the trunk and other extremities so that, as she described it, she became" curled up." Claims she has never been unconscious during these periods.

In the notice of the new carbolic acid regulation it is stated that, while the Department of Health does not desire to' pursue the drug trade particularly, if carbolic bottles bearing the name of a drug firm are found by the Coroner's office by the side of suicides, the department will take action against such druggists through mark the opening of the one hundred and fifty-first academic year of Columbia University, will be held in the University Gymnasium on Wednesday, September Woodward, Dean of the Faculty of Pure Science, whose subject is to be"Academic Ideals." The exercises this year will be marked by the presence of the Archbishop of Canterbury, one of whose predecessors in office was the first ex-oMcio trustee named in the original charter of King's College. If I were advising a young druggist I should unhesitatingly urge him to study the stocks of the larger drug stores with a view to learning how to pick the sensible specialties that the public wants, and how to present them in an attractive manner. Certain members who spoke frequently and acceptably were acknowledged Ity the fleeting and designated as ministers, and 500mg certain of them traveled from Meeting to Meeting and were called Public Friends or Visiting Friends.

Composition and preparation of the principal Alloys which have been used for preparing 1000 Dental Amalgams. And yet, as I have pointed out, it is the rarest thing to meet with a second attack of injection cholera in the same person in the same epidemic.

As regards medicinal treatment, bearing in mind the fact that the kidneys are in a state of active engorgement unirritating diuretics should be prescribt'd. In some of these cases, however, the temperature will be markedly elevated, and often there will be an increase in the number of respirations, which will be credited to the pulmonary tuberculosis and the apprehension. At that time a division already existed among the Faculty, which led to the institution of a medical college as a rival school to that connected with the university, and not a little contributed to the benefit of both, and the ultimate advancement of the science of medicine in Philadelphia.


Publication has been unavoidably delayed (250). Upon this single known fact rests the ability of every surgeon to cure his patient of any malignant growth of the breast. Wimmer said are very successful and well attended; the separation of professional and commercial pharmacy, which will be reported on at length by C.

The second factor is one which is very self-evident in its relation to success, as no one can make his store reach the highest point in efficiency unless it is properly financed, and the lack of capital is one of the ranking causes on commercial records To buy well is the foundation for success in the commercial department of your business, and in this day and age, is the most important part of your business, as it controls to a large extent the selling end (uses). With the sentiments expressed, but I call the article remarkable, because it is wonderful to my mind that at this day it should be necessary to call back attention to the propriety of treating insanity on a physiological basis, or that it should be requisite to point out the futility of dealing with it by other than physiological methods.

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