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It is ever probable that in these diseases the very vigour of the system may imply a greater malignity or activity of the processes which constitute the disease. The usual or pectoral form shows following symptoms: Fever, languor, continued grunting, loss of appetite, swelling and reddening of the conjunctiva; dyspnea, painful cough, groaning, dullness over lungs on percussion; bronchial sounds; death usually from asphyxia.

To be spread on strong cloth or canvas, and applied.

Of attack in an emaciated subject, the less you do the better. Same applies to many drugs, as Mercu.y, Arsenic, Oi)ium, morbid poisons, etc.

Time the prisoner resided in Clarence-place, SauchiehaU-street. The following hypotheses are offered by them: (a) With a constancy in the excretion of phosphoric acid, the H"" will vary with A according to the mass law equilibrium of phosphoric acid, (h) With a con have been greater amounts of phosphate excreted. On the other hand, and contrary to the general rule, the morning temperature may be higher than the evening, forming a somewhat unfavorable symptom. The first sessions of the legislature were held here, and but for its location in the extreme northern end of the state it would without doubt have been the permanent capital. Gagion, Pittston, delegate Lewis T. The following will answer the same purpose, which will not stain the wool, as it contains no sulphate of iron, and will, no doubt, be preferred by many to the preceding one on that account. Merit is the criterion in selecting help.

The past year has done much to establish the operation of ovarian grafting or transplantation as a logical procedure and one worthy of careful and conscientious experiment. Should I ever tire, your brown eyes are an endless reservoir of inspiration. In other words, transfer of the flap "tablet" is delayed. Examination in Chemistry for admission. Proposed on a nonprofit ro basis include underwriting by the doctor and proration. T The address is Boston, unless otherwise stated.


When the aconite has been all given, commence with fifteen drop doses of the tincture of nux vomica, also, every four hours, and continuing it for a few days, and if the animal improves and the appetite return, nothing more in the way of medicine need be given. Soft-elastic (fat) tissue or tissue impregnated with a quantity of fluid may also show fluctuation; this undulating consistency is spoken of as pseudo-fluctuation. The post-mortem appearances indicated no natural disease whatever.

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