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Sylvius may be considered as the father of the modern chemical physiology, which derived support from the abili ties of Willis, John Mayow, Croofie, and Helvetius; but was opposed and confuted by Hoffmann, Boerhaave, and Pitcairn. D., Professor of Therapeutics and Materia Medica in the Jefferson Medical College This supplemental volume to the editor's wellknown System of Therapeutics has been prepared for the purpose of presenting the advances made in therapeusis during the past five years by specialists in the Dr. There were a few moist rales at the bases "composition" of both lungs. Exhibition of sanitary good and appliances in another large hall syrup close by.

The appearance at first glance is the same as that in cases of double congenital dislocation of the hip. General bleeding is preferable to leeching.

By fractional distillation, Hofmann separated the dimethylic ethers of pjTogallol, of methyl pjTOgallol, and of propyl pyrogallol, from that portion of the which shotild be carefully removed from creosote that is to be used for medicinal purposes. Dysenteries and other inflammatory complaints, in short, all diseases of a sthenic character, rapidly assume a complicated nervous character, owing to the sinking of the nervous form.

A direction above or below, to the right or to the left, marks the agi-eeable or disagreeable nature of such excitations (dosage). WillLoi D., Captain and Assistant Surgeon, upon being relieved from duty at Fort ilissoula. Since the introduction tablet of iodoform we have strewn the scraped-out cavity with iodoform in powder, and brought the edges together with the exception of the openings left for drainage. Gelatin filters may be used dry or wet; but on drying the gelatin shrinks so that the passages are increased, and when such that crystalloids pass such a filtir imchanjjeil ami that colloids are retained is no lonper tenable. If there be danger of collapse, she is to have hypodermics of in medicines and nutrient enemata, and possibly whiskey by the mouth.


Whether we accept his views or not, hindi there are good reasons for believing that this gas possesses valuable properties incidentally, if it is not directly active as a therapeutic agent.

THE SERUM TREATMENT OF TUBERCULOSIS. It is not my purpose here to recount with exhaustive minuteness the various results of hematometra, if relief be not given in good time by what is usually a simple magica surgical expedient. Account for the contraction and dilatation of the pupil. If there is progressive uses cerebral disease there is small ground for hope. Prolonged retention of the drainage tube causes erosion and absorption of contiguous bone and periosteum. A purple-red color indicates uric acid (or urates).

Their walls are edematous, infiltrated by leukocytes, and may be broken down if the process be suppurative. Some groups of nurses in the largest cities enjoy somewhat larger returns, but no woman nurse' has ever re ceived the rate of pay given to men nurses, which rises It is a serious injustice to nurses, which we believe you do not desire to connnit, to repeat the unfounded prejudices of a certain English group who use the word" trade unionism" with unfriendly purpose against the associations of nurses. Then there developed an ileocolitis; there were frequent diarrhoeal movements with mucus and blood. System after system arises, and for a away, to give place to another of more specious pretensions. While usually termed"puerperal eclampsia," it is much more frequently a complication of the late months of pregnancy, or of labor, than of the puerperal state.

The congestive and hemorrhagic properties, while being common to various kinds of virus, constitute, through the anatomical location where they preferably exert their influence, a very marked specific characteristic. While standing in the Paris clinic, the idea microfibra occurred to me that the real influence was due not to the so-called suggestion" but to the mental impression produced on the mind of the patient. Congenital characteristics may be acquired by the foetus in utero by environmental forces.

People are keen to remember whether it was Smith or Jones who stole most of the funds of a corporation, but they give little heed to the faulty system under which it was possible for either Smith or Jones to steal anything. Her father died from phthisis, her mother from heart disease. One reason why it did so, he thought, was because no serious injury was done to any of the more important bloodvessels, whereas it was quite possible in Dr (medicine). The divided ends had been united by sutures.

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