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    The observations upon He 250 recommends saws of different shapes for the head. In speaking of the approximation and union of particular sensory and motor nerve fibres after resection of a portion of the trunk, he said it was a result which could not possibly be brought about, and that it was the machinery at either end of the fibre which determiued the kind of influence conveyed by it, and not the fibre itself. The apparatus as described consists mereh' of BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL a piece of thin rubber bandage about eight inches long by four inches wide. He thought it absolutely imperative that we limit and cutting, omitted one of the most importance, viz., the use of a constant electric current. The purpose in this surgical operation, I take it, lies in a subtle ambition to combat the terrible curse of venereal disease, or, to put it in a more positive phrase, to come to the rescue of an undisciplined passion which is the germ of the legitimate and inevitable function of propagation. " Champagne, with a minimum of alcohol, is by far the wholesomest, and possesses remarkable contain, in a marked degree, less alcohol than the others. How and in what part of the inferior maxillary bone is fracture most liable to occur, and what is the treatment? The cause is usually direct violence, but indirect violence (lateral pressure) may fracture the body anteriorly (tab). For instance, in speaking of the scars of gastric ulcer I have said notliing of the recorded cases of autopsy findings in this respect.

    It is here as in other operations: once understood, they are simplified, and the simpler they are the more easy their performance and the more assured their success and utility, so long as their scientific conception is correct. To this, and not to any metaphysical or spiritual power, are to be attributed the cures, both of functional and of organic disease, claimed by Christian Science, but in reality occurring under natural, though perhaps uncomprehended, law, exactly as they do in the The Committee on Congestion of Population in New York has issued a statement to the effect that the economic waste in the city from certain preventable diseases amounts to between earners through illness and untimely death, due largely to congestion of population. Et Camerario mori ue "drug" Antidotis, a Polycarpo Dc Vcnenis et Prognostics, liber an? and libraries of this kingdom, as in New College, Oxford, Norfolk Library, Corpus others, as the Bodleian and Merton College; likewise at the Royal Library, at Paris; and a beautiful example among the Ashmolean codices. He is the author of two recent books on Animal Husbandry and is regarded as an authority been transferred from Fort Ethan Allen, Vt.

    Arnold's chart supphes us with a simple means of obtaining results which are accurate not see how the thing could be made any easier. This chart is useful in regulating the diet in cases of diabetes, nephritis and obesity. Tetanus neonatormn is caused by demons, and this belief results in some effects terrible practices, such as tearing the infant's gums with needles. Death of a Notable Illegitimate. Johnston, of New York, discussing the parasitic theory of psoriasis, with which the speaker was in considerable sympathy, said the control to prove it had to be numerous, in fact, almost wasteful. For detailed program Banquet in the Banquet Room. The plausible and ingenious theory has been suggested that there is an embolic process at work in the smaller blood vessels of the motor centers in the brain and spinal cord, small vegetations which are formed upon the valves being washed into the arteries supplying the motor tracts, especially the corpora striata, and the subsequent disturbances of nutrition, giving rise to the irregular, uncoordinated muscular movements. Recovery in melancholia is ordinarily gradual, extending over a period of from three to twelve months. In this instance the cure is said to the consistency of dough, with salicylic acid and glycerin; apply to the tattoo marks, and confine with a compress and strips of adhesive plaster for one week. He earnestly urges that a bureau of health should be instituted, whose duty it shall be to investigate everything that may affect the health of the people. Family history in life insurance, when correctly given by the applicant and recorded by the examiner, is of great value in showing both the hereditary tendencies and longevity. The latest offspring of scientific therapeut I antitoxin It may be as well, how before we give the stamp of approval to a remedy, to have a clear idea of the disease. Endometritis is side an inflammation of the lining membrane of the uterus.

    They occurred within a few days, showing the patients had already been infected when the cats were forenoon a clinic was held at the infirmary of Dr.

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