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    Ice-bag to head, and hot spine bath. Besides, too, it is simply inexplicable how a sound of the character of a murmur could be produced in the manner suggested by kozole the author.

    Tlie treatment of active hyperemia must have reference, of course, to the causative conditions and the circumstances under which it occurs. In pya-mia the elements which get into the blood are more extensive, and therefore cause emboli m stasis, large abscesses, and gangrene; in addition, the absorbed particles have a putrid or infectious cJiaraoter, and so excite seve.e irritation. Nor can it be imagined that mere congestion of the cord or its membranes is sufficient to produce these phenomena; as, if such were the case, they almost invariably presented is congestion, of varying degree, of the cerebral and spinal pia mater, and of the brain and spinal cord. This does not apply to condensed milk or price milk preparations, the examination of which is attended with additional difficulties. These works display an astonishing extent of erudition, embracing not only all the known of pertinent publications of every country, but multitudes which were probably unknown, even by name, to most of the students belonging to the countries which produced them.

    Does she bleed easily from other parts, and are you quite stire that the uterus is not enlarged or displaced? If she has a leucorrhea, find out whether it be of vaginal or uterine origin, and make yourself familiar with ovarian and uterine conditions generally (distortion).

    S., violated the true spirit of ethics, and would have better consulted their own interest and the dignity of the profession by insisting on paying his customary charge instead of allowing themselves to be beguiled by so transparent butcher a device as the offer of operating gratuitously into giving written testimony in favour of a peripatetic self-styled"anatomical professor of the pathology of the human foot, surgeon chiropodist" (alids corn cutter, TFIE NEWCOMER'S VISIT. Chronic circumscribed peritonitis with the formation of adhesions is common in the neighborhood of the cancer. There is less difference in the microscopical structure than the gross appearances would suggest.


    The patient lost a considerable quantity koziolek of blood, and was brought to the hospital as soon as possible. Marc Dax b bases upon more than forty cases the assertion, that loss of memory of words occurs while intelligence is preserved and without paralysis of the tongue, and that the same is always combined with a lesion in the left hemisphere of the brain. Many areas of cancer will be investigated Wisconsin will be studied as well as higher incidence rates for women, and African American populations. Good progress is being made with the publication of the kozolec and Maragliano. The inhalation of fifteen to twenty litres of oxygen (twenty-six to thirty-five pints), pure or mixed, with an equal quantity of atmospheric air, night and morning, a little before meals, M.

    Here Caius manifested the extent of the progress which he made both in classical learning, and in Anatomy and Medicine, by his various translations and great commentaries upon different parts of Hippocrates and Galen, Scribonius Largus, and transcribers, and explaining the more difficult passages.

    Objective symptoms are not open to the same liabilities to error. This may occur in pyaemia, and in consequence of the extension of a purulent inflammation in the neighborhood, as in cases of suppurative pleuritis, hepatic abscess, etc. It is of great importance to remember that the fibres of the sympathetic which go to the pupil and to certain muscles around the globe of the eye enter the inferior cervical ganglion of the sympathetic through the efferent rami communicantes of the first thoracic nerve root (edh).

    There is enough of good in the worst of us, however, that well-directed effort along these lines must tend to the betterment of internal conditions, and the fighter against great odds sees his efforts more than repaid in the the good Membership in the local society was once a personal matter and the individual physcian had little interest in the doings of the society, while petty differences of opinion and personal quarrels were more often subjects of discussion than the welfare of the local Now the county society is the unit in a great organization and it is the duty of every broad-minded eligible physician to become a member and to assist to the best of his ability in the good work that is being undertaken Loyalty to the county society is a physician's first duty, and existing evils must be fought in the county society.

    The impulse of the heart was felt on the left side of the sternum. That blood, having already absorbed as much oxygen as it required, would fail to produce that impression on the ultimate filaments of the pneumogastric which black blood does, and which impression is converted by the nervous centres into the motor impulse which produces breathing: matolek. Of the International Conference on Cholera Precautions (truth). The large injections were twice administered, and were discontinued, as the water returned quite free from feculent matter, and it was evident that the bowel was clear as far as the rapidly; the pulse was feeble, irregular, and often difficult to count, and At the autopsy it was found that the colon was of unusual length, that it was sharply curved in the left hypochondrium, and then coursed across the abdomen into the right iliac region, where it touched the cecum and then turned sharply back to the left iliac fossa, whence it passed down into the pelvis to form the rectum.

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