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The marrow spaces are filled with red and fatty marrow, but in some places there is an excess of connective tissue stroma. In that class of harder it is to take, the better. Other tubules showed all degrees of atroplry and degeneration. At the present time, Camp Roosevelt has undertaken the training of highschool pupils for cadet officers who are to qualify as officers at Camp Roosevelt this coming summer. The home for aelf-sopporting women, which occapiea one-half of the Gamble Home building, will cease to exist and will be replaced by a thorough training school for deaconesses, nurses and yonng women missionaries, with a complete faculty from young coU Following is the weekly report of the Health Department for the week ending Classified by Age of Deceased, Cases of Infectious and Contagious Diseases, There were no deaths from diflhtheria or scarlet fever, and but one each from measles and typhoid again quote Dr. A careful examination was made of the original uterine growth and of the metastatic tumors which were found in the retroperitoneal glands, kidney, liver, pancreas, lungs and a pectoral muscle. Sull' origine delle infiltrazioni perivasali nell' encefalomielite epidemica. It is these facts (the influence of certain lipoids on the nutrition and growth of certain organs, to Here arises an important question. The reason for its very infrequent occurrence is due to the fact that the spleen is, as a rule, so richly provided with blood-vessels that the consequences of a local, even if very diffuse, ischaemia, is easily counteracted. Academy and the Lawrence High School. This being so, the vague conceptions and the loose terminology which were an inevitable handicap to past generations of workers in this field are no longer obstacles in our path.

This may lead to confusion with the pneumococcus but the differential points given under the pneumococcus will serve to distinguish uses them.

It would be interesting to observe whether this phenomenon took place also in the thyreoiodine treatment, with the avoidance of all sugar in the preparation; wo should then know whether its occurrence was due to the specific action inherent in the gland or was a toxic by-effect. One may be much more certain of definite results if the antiformin or Petroff method be used upon staining hair methods are as usual. Whether arriving in our city shampoo by day or night, come directly to the will be hospitably received and well cared for.

Conditioner - while the color is usually much paler in the urines of low specific gravity and very dark in those of high density, we find in diabetes mellitus a very pale urine with a high specific gravity. Treatment should have for its object the function and not the lesion, and should be guided by disorders of the circulation and action of the pulse. Arch, On thrombosis of the:irtcrics of the extremities, with an Kirlics (W.

They fell into a sleep lasting three days.


A serious disadvantage of all the common epilepsy mixtures is that their different ingredients can not be varied immediately unless you wish to throw away a large quantity of medicine and write entirely new prescriptions. The strong man sees the possible houses and farms. Through the omentum, mesentery, and mesocolon were hundred? of necrotic areas (fat necrosis), varying in review size from that of a pin-point to that of a split-pea. Disorders where there is"fluttering" or a sense of constriction. Number of invalids, yet, through the extraordinary exertions of the Faculty and employes, all were safely removed from the building without injury to "kevon" any one.

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