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Cultures in broth and milk, on agar, potato-agar and on gelatine (the latter incubated at laboratory temperature) were also made. In certain cases of neurasthenia, or pseudo-neurasthenia, the stomach is the primary source of the departure from health; in others, if, indeed, the initiation of the morbid series lay with the nervous system, the secondary impairment of the stomach may become the central feature, and the alleged neurasthenia be due to bad products of digestion which, returning again to the stomach, depress it and its work still further: if so, a cure is to be obtained by way of gastric medication only; the stomach is the link in the vicious circle which has to be forged anew. Fibrous tissue, braided together with adematous areas between the bands and areas of lb round (sarcoma) cells quite numerous, most marked in proximity to the blood vessels. To take a draught of cold sea-water, to bathe the hands and face in it, and to face the air on deck as much as possible are simple measures of the greatest service. The residue left upon the filter consists entirely of the materials which have escaped solution.


Often the patients complain of intolerable itching about the vulval orifice. Localised abscess the result of perforation. It is the Ophthalmia gonorrho'ica, Blennorrhea oc'uli gonorrho'ica, Gonorrhoblepharrhos'a, Conjunctivi'tis blennorrhag" ica seu gonorrho'ica, Gonorrheal Ophthal'mia, (P.) Ophthalmia is likewise modified by the condition of the constitution, and hence we have strumous, variolous, and other inflammations of the glutino'sa, Blephar "200" ophthal'mia, Blepharo'tis, Blepharoti'tis, Blephari'tis, Blepharadeni'tis, Adenophthalmia, is seated chiefly in the tarsus; the sebaceous crypts secreting a viscid and acrid fluid, that glues and ulcerates its edges, and irritates the eye. I he iaet that monks and nuns do not generally show a materially higher mortality than is the average that the Irequent sexual intercourse ol married life is beneficial Among the lower classes the opinion prevails and tor easily comprehensible reasons is assiduously imparted by the husbands annostus to their wives that sexual intercourse or the frequent discharge of semen is of absolute necessity to the health of the man. The nails are composed of a horny tissue, of the same nature as that which forms the hoofs, horns, and scales of different animals (alkoholi). Ffxmatol'yris, Hiematosep'sis, San'guinis dissolu'tio, (hxmato and ucXvoig,'loosening.') Dissolution kefexin HiEMATELiETJM, (hsemato, and cXaiov,'oil,') Vom'itus seu Vomit" io San'guinis, Gastrorrhag"ia, Hxmorrhoe'a ventric'uli, Hxmatanago'ge, Vomiting of Blood, (F.), Vomissement de sang. Ja - applied to melancholy or monomania, which is said to be a monopatlric MONOPEGIA, (mono, and nnyvvut,'to fix,') monoplastic element, in histology, is one which retains its primary form. He points out that in this disease there is not only inco- ordination of otherwise healthy muscles, but emphasises the fact that each muscle individually shows some alteration in fnnction, and that it is necessary first to see that each muscle is trained to perform its special function well, and then exercises are chosen which will re-establish the co-ordinated action of groups of muscles. Though as J'trclwa' says the doctrine of heredity has received at the hands of medical science most careful and prolonged study ol there was no hesitation in regarding as purely hereditary even the interrupted appearance of tuberculosis.

Small acicular crystals or in long prisms, the sides of which are often the air il eflSoresces rapidly, loses all its water of crjrstallization, and a white powder is left. The chief use of elaterium is in passive dropsies, especially ascites and hydrathorax, when it is deemed advisable to attempt the removal of the effiised fluid by the bowels. This was removed, together with its placenta and membranes. An attempt may be made to fix it in place by suturing, although this measure has not as yet been attended by much success.

In heatstroke there is also engorgement of the deeper central structures, as well as temporary congestion of the lung.

Xext to chlorosis we have to mention essential anivmia which is partly congenital and partly acquired and which developing into a constitutional disease is often brought as such into Associated with this is that dosage form of anirmia, which is produced by an unsuitable mode of lile and deficient nourishment, and which plavs an important part in married life. On referring to the photograph it will be seen that the neck is much broadened, due to large masses of swollen glands, the outlines of which are distinct, but the glands are adherent to each other. Undoubtedly the best incision is that through the right rectus, and if it is well prolonged up towards the costal margin, it is perfectly easy in most cases to lift the liver and gall-bladder outside the wound, rendering any manipulative interference extremely easy.

He displayed no signs of having had a rash of any kind. There is, no doubt, some foundation for this idea.

Erythema multiforme (peliosis rheumatica) and nodosum, urticaria and tonsillitis occur in those subject to acute rheumatism, but rarely during the presence of an attack. PARABYS'TIA, Engorgement or infarction of (after Paracelsus.) A follower of Paracelsus: english. A fleshy, firm body, unknown in its mode of reproduction, which is found under ground, especially in keflex different parts aliment. One first lieutenant of cavalry, instructor in equestration dl and military drill, M. Speaking from a considerable experience, I can affirm that the potassium chloride acts beneficially on the gouty system; it is as harmless as common salt, and not unlike it in flavour; it may be used dietetically the year round as a table salt, either alone or mixed with a fourth part of common salt, or it may be administered in solution in water in the dose of ten to twenty grains three times a day. They rejoice at the cheap thing they with safety still further economise and get a cheap nurse.

The bleeding was still unchecked.

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