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' I send you a short tract upon gout and dropsy, instead of the thicker volume which, in my mind, I had determined on, namely, a history of such chronic diseases as my practice has most especially met with.


The operation wns followed by an attack of pyiieraia, with effusion of pus into the knee-joint, necessitating amputation of the thigh, after which the child made a good recovery.

The exudate infiltrates the fissures of the surrounding tissues and may cause considerable swelling. NECROLOGY OF THE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION OF To the President of the State Medical Association: Sir: In accordance with your wish that I should make out a necrology of the members of tiie State Medical Association, I wrote information, and received answers from only four, viz: Doctors Mabry, Michel, Osborn, and Smith. The superficial structures of the rods of Corti in adult mammals have been exhaustively investigated by many observers: Max appearance and extension of these structures and the mechanical factors taking part in their formation require more careful the inner pillar is originally represented by a very small square field, the apex of the cell, which becomes fibrillated and extends over the enlarging head of the outer pillar, the former undergoing great pressure from the latter The outer pillar cells originally belong to the first spiral row of outer sensory elements.

Pericarditis, as a complication, adds greatly to the gravity and the danger; but, by perseverance in the judicious employment combination of diseases. On examining the heart and circulation there was a distinct jugular pulse, great irregularity of the heart's action, a loud cooing or blowing sound and strong impulse, indicative of hypertrophy, and such a want of correspondence between the cardiac energy and feeble pulse as to lead me to the conclusion that the horse was suffering from valvular incompetency or impediment, to overcome which hypertrophy of the cardiac walls had become established (150). Haemorrhages into the cerebellum are not uncommon. This "uses" whole region there was no minister of the healing art and McCauley quickly saw the needs of the community where people were stricken and dying with malaria, so he immediately assumed the task of caring for their physical needs, and soon gained their confidence by self-assurance, native ability and the statement that he was a graduate of the University of Edinburg. It is in the vicinity of large towns that most benefit will be derived from it, where milk is most generally sought after, and where pasturage is scanty, and consequently food for cows expensive.

Cover this with more bread crumbs and bits of butter, and pour on a few drops of fish, liquor, or milk. He is a very bold and powerful creature, and becomes more fierce and indocile with age. Chronic injuries and lesions to the vagi and splanchnic nerves are important factors. The experience gained by increasing the blood-supply to diseased parts of the body, such as the limbs, entirely corroborates this view.

On the other hand, predisposition may be artificial or acquired. We are told, in reference to the treatment of a given case, that"the patient will grow worse before he can get better." What makes him worse? The medicine, surely, and nothing else. THE study of the symptoms of disease forms a division of the principles the space to be devoted to each individual disease, in treating of the practice of medicine, or special pathology, in the second part of this work. In drunkards delirium tremens may be present from the onset. (See in the stomach, the above positions cannot be 10 disputed. Especially do I do this because I recognize the fact that the opinions I then expressed, are beginning to receive the sanction Of the profession in Europe as well as in this country. He was advised to make a thorough change.

So my finding corresponds to that type of the terminal feet of Held, in which the fibrils were followed in radial direction from the terminal feet into the cell body; the connection by means of a fibril net-work did not come to my observation. Face pale, extremities warm, the shock of the injury being stood out most prominently, drawing up the superior portion of the thorax, which alone moved on inspiration. It is best to have the aid of a surgeon. According toxin possesses two different chemical groups; one is" haptophorous," and by means of this the toxin becomes firmly bound to any cell protoplasm of the organism for which it has a chemical affinity, and a" toxophorous" group by which disturbance is then induced in the protoplasm in question.

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