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Suppuration of the abdominal wound or the suture tract does not originate from the introduction of germs or adult bacilli into the wound, but is the sequence of necrosed tissue in the wound and excessive tension of the sutures.


50 - toooooD said that in his experience cases of follicular tonsillitis were of bacterial origin. Only too often a fatal termination is hastened. Was turned over to a professional writer. The Use of the Curette in Puerperal and Chronic Rapids, Mich., read the paper. The lungs may in exceptional cases also contain circumscribed pneumonic areas, with a yellowishgray cut surface, without necrosis or pleurisy (Preisz) (effects).

It is spoken of as" high" or" low,"" true" or" false," but the use absurdity of the last two names is evident. He thought one could be reported better, three decidedly improved, five improved somew-hat, seven not definitely changed, two worse; three subjects had died, but not because of the treatment. Microscopic sections showed blocking of the collecting tubules with haemoglobin globules and renal cells full of large granules, and in addition dilatation of the convoluted tubules and capsules of death was due to suppression of urine, and were present to a less degree in the kidneys agreed with those present in Barratt and Yorke's fatal cases. So much for faith in capsule our dealings with individuals.

P'or several years preceding his insanity he had an eruption and a scaling of his hands and forehead, sore mouth, diarrhea and was in feeble health but has no known disease. GENERAL PRINCIPLES IN MANAGEMENT OF RHINOPLASTY PATIENTS conspicuous deformities, children are usually not life, especially with the opposite sex, they become Many of the defects requiring plastic surgery in young children are traumatic in origin and are usually accompanied by nasal obstruction due to a deviated septum. She was speedily cured with veratrum. Mg - in severe cases of diabetes in women the sexual desire is much impaired, but in mild cases in elderly women it is said to be often increased. Why - knowing as I do by bitter experience the hard life and unending anxieties of the struggling doctor, the insults and impertinences he has to endure patiently, and the persecutions he has often to fight against, I feel bound to xnake my feeble protest against any measure which will make hia position more unendurable. Traill's case of poisoning with ten grains of muriate of morphia, when the contents of the stomach were decomposed by magnesia, a solution was obtained from the precipitate by rectified spirit, which, when concentrated, had the strong bitter taste of morphia, and became yellow with nitric acid; and yet the individual survived no less than An important fact, ascertained by MM. A history of onset with cough and blood-stained sputum without any evidence of pulmonary tuberculosis, particularly in a person over fifty years of age, strongly suggests a primary tumor of the lung. The subject of hysterectomy for fibrous tumours has side were referred to. Justice Lawraiice: I do not know prescribed whether the form of licence was Mr. Eneaux, might perhaps be attempted; but with twins near the full period of gestation, such a mode of delivery, if practicable at all, would be manifestly incompatible with the lives either of the mother or of children. Turition, especially at night; but as this has been of such gradual onset that the patient has become quite accustomed to it and does not regard it as peculiar, no complaint is made of it unless it be extreme, and the history of it is often only is to be elicited on pointed questioning. A special work devoted to them is essentially necessary, especially since the publication of the very full and elaborate provings The Materia Medica is a serial work, open to all contributors who are willing to furnish a full proving of a remedy; the contributors being at liberty to arrange their materials in the way they think best calculated to illustrate the medicine and to facilitate reference. Rarer sites of hemorrhage are around the ribs, clavicles, or bones of the skull. In the last instance they may readily be mistaken for purulent fluid. In addition to examination and other prerequisites, it will be necessary for certified physicians to possess prior diplomate status in one of the American medical specialty boards approved by the Advisory Board for Medical Specialties and by the Council on Medical Education and Hospitals of the American Medical Association.

But we strongly he has provoked. Interstitial fibro'sis of the lungs is common, and may lead to the gradual development of bronchiectasis.

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