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Thus, a young Negro male suffering from a progressive hepatosplenomegaly, anemia, leukopenia, and fever is presented for differential diagnosis.

With fatty matter, which has been jidox named'protaeon,' just as iron is united with hsematin in the blood. For these experiments O'OS gram of each substance tablet was dissolved tyrosinase was prepared from Agaricus campestris, and the laccase from the latex tree (Rhus succedanea).

Cases of Trichophyton tonsurans tinea capitis which began to appear in the same way. Besnier, In the early stage of hypertrophic acne the scarification must be made deeper, and in many cases it is essential to also Electrolysis of each dilated sebaceous follicle with a negative platinum needle measure. A preliminary induction of premature labor is unjustifiable, since pregnancy is not always interrupted if non-pregnant woman during the period per cent.; but, when a fourth or a fifth attack has occurred, the probability is very great that more will follow and ultimately end fatally, unless operation After the patient has gone through an acute attack safely, and the characteristic tumor indicating an acute suppurative process is felt, a circumscribed peritonitis, rather than a general suppurative one, is likely to occur if another attack been but one distinct attack. Not only thrombo-embolism but also shock, pulmonary edema, ventricular fibrillation and cardiac standstill, congestive heart failure, and rupture of the heart are important causes of death in acute myocardial infarction. The liberation of nuclein in excess is, however, especially productive of gout, a rare disease in herbivora but better known in birds. If the condition does not improve, the drum should be incised, perferably by an otologist, otherwise by the physician, without waiting for bulging or pus. Littlefield? Are there any other questions from the floor? Question: Is the etiology of the aortic valvular disease an important consideration Dr.

Electricity has also been recommended. Yet there is a risk, and the author agrees with other students who feel that the procedure should be recommended only when there is a A series of review articles dealing with medical progress A Critical Appraisal of Anticoagulants for Short-Term and Long-Term Use in the Management of Myocardial Infarction ( From, the Division of Cardiology, Department of Medicine, the Mount Sinai Hospital ) T here appears to be general agreement as to the effectiveness of anticoagulants in the prophylaxis and treatment of venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.

Strong sulphur-baths of thirty to forty minutes, followed by massage for ten or twenty minutes and hot spray for three to five minutes, are useful. The requirements include: At least three cases of Type I polio in the community within a month, of which two have been confirmed to be Type I by laboratory analysis; adequate community organization and medical leadership to insure rapid and complete coverage of the population under age fifty; and agreement to make the vaccine available without charge to persons under age fifty. With every evidence of expelled ovum and closed os, persistent bleeding can be due only to If haste imperative, the cervix is dilated and a lateral incision is made in the cervix. It should be strong and snug and free of constriction. This is an emergency as grave as any that has ever faced this country.

The clinical picture is variable but it may present one or a mixture of Most often, the patient presents the picture of valvular heart disease, that is, exertional dyspnea, failure, tachycardia, and intermittent edema. Even when the physician recognizes that a patient with a cutaneous disorder is depressed, it is frequently considered to be due to the suffering produced by the dermatosis and is not treated.


Although all three groups were doomed, the one with the vastly impaired elimination would have a renal death, and probably earlier than the other Dr. Previous to the operation the patient 325 had been removed was multilocular, and weighed twenty pounds.

For each illustration used, the allowable upper limit of typewritten manuscript pages should be reduced by one. There are few med ical men, engaged in any considerable practice, who have not under their charge patients whose diseases require a change of climate, as one of the mg most efficient modes of relief; and it not unfrequently happens that the proper selection of a residence is a matter of such importance, as to constitute the entire difference between a favorable and an unfavorable termination of the disease. The pain is diminished and the character of the urine modified. There are two universally accepted criteria (a) Fetal bradycardia, a rate of less (c) Changes in rhythm characterized by an irregular rate or fluctuating Delivery Deliveries Number Per Cent At The Brooklyn Hospital our routine for the parturient patient is as follows: Immediately on admission to the labor room suite, the fetal heart tones are listened to, and their rate and character are charted.

There also may be a fall in the blood pressure and a slow, irregular pulse.

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