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The fund is dedicated to the memory of Dr Faulkner, department Dr Kyung W.


These manipulations, continued for some days or weeks, attain the desired object even in the most unfavour able cases (nervousness, abuse of alcoho', and tobacco). It should be remembered that a complete recovery may occur spontaneously, but this is extremely rare. Candidates for the degree of Doctor must have studied medicine five years at a recognised medical college or university, and have attended hospital practice for three years, at a recognised hospital. The operation showed some free blood in the peritoneal cavity, blood in the gastrohepatic omentum and in the neighborhood of the pancreas. Murat held a sword and pistols in his hands; at the lie thus given he looked for a moment with an air of stupefaction at the chief of his staff, who the expression of the king's countenance changes to a haughty dignity, and Murat throws down lis arms with violence; he breaks them; he tears his clothes; he pulls ofFhis sumptuous decoration: I he chokes, he bursts into tears.

Xt - the cerebral nerves which chiefly thus suffer are the first, second, and fifth pairs. I found her occupying a semirecumbent posture and breathing with difficulty. The results may be considered from either a practical or a purely theoretical standpoint. Price - a gentleman from Indiana, a few days ago, brought me a patient, and he had this character of fistula; and I remarked to him:" There is no communication here with the bowel, as you notice," and he replied:" So I do. In the classical work upon fecal bacteria it has generally been assumed that the relative importance of the different species in artificial cultures is a direct indication of their relative importance in the feces. Any one desirous of matriculating as a student, and attending the lectures and other instructions given in the University, must, on his arrival in Strasburg, communicate with the Secretary of the University in order to be inscribed. In order to minimize this error selection was made of plump, healthy-looking bacteria, the organisms were not allowed to remain long isolated in droplets before inoculation, and droplets were protected from drying and strong light. Repiesantative meeting of the citizens of Aberdeen held lately, it was resolved to give a cordial invitation to the British Association to hold their annual meeting in for fumigation. In plain and dextrose broth the endocarditis organism produces a flocculent sediment consisting of large masses of closely adherent bacteria.

On examination of the mouth, I found that his teeth had no decay in them, but some were very much worn by mastication upon the crowns, and some pulps (nerves) were exposed, and in consequence he had pulpitis, causing neuralgia that was followed by acute arthritis. To assist him in overcoming these obstacles, the surgeon finds an excessive exudative activity in the adjoining lining membrane, excited by the injury, which may be taken advantage of to secure the required extent of surface.

The coverslips showed nothing characteristic; from the agar plates. While during the earlier periods, and on towards the close, no tumor can be felt, yet, when the patient emaciates to the last degree, and you are able to press your fingers against the spinal column, you may then find a tumor; but in some cases where the glands were not much enlarged, I have felt until the day of death, and have been unable to discover any tumor in the epigastrium. This was the first case of an epidemic of Rotheln or German measles, which prevailed in this section during the following spring and summer. Certainly the patient is entitled to the most optimistic opinion which clinical history and experience THE RADICAL TREATMENT OF PERITONSILLAR ABSCESS BY TONSILLECTOMY DURING THE ACUTE STAGE OF Peritonsillar abscess is a suppurative inflammation of the walls of the sinus tonsillaris. That is to say, in not even the patient's great grandmother ever spat a teaspoonful of blood; for so zeal ous are the advocates of this doctrine that even an obscure history of this sort would be regarded as satisfactory evidence of the existence of an hereditary predisposition. Considering the number of years I have been in practice and having a first-class midwifery business, wherein I have often flattered myself at my success, I must confess that my eyes were opened to the so suddenly on me. Cerebral tumours occasionally cause obstruction either of the cavernous sinus or of the sinuses "syrup" between this and the internal jugular vein; and, as a consequence, the veins of the eyelids and of the corresponding side of the forehead become more or less obviously distended. April nth was the time fixed for the removal of the cyst; the abdomen was then larger than it should have been in a pregnancy at full term; fluctuation could be elicited, but was not so marked as the distended abdomen would have suggested; the face; neck, chest, and limbs were very thin; and the skin, notwithstanding its sedulous care, was somewhat harsh. If you send for him, expect him to run all the way, especially if it be only a mile or two. Ordinarily these cases are treated in some sort of quarantine.

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