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In the sputum as chains and all such specimens should be tested for typing. Manuscripts may be withdrawn by authors for publication elsewhere only upon the approval of the Editorial Board. The spots continued price to appear in the various localities named, and some few on the chest and abdomen.

It is a valuable adjunct to nose and throat therapy. Commonly also the form and facial expression are neurotic, and the development of body and mind is retarded for its age. The blood is procured in the "eye" ordinary way, from a finger in man, or, in the case of the lower animals, from any part not covered with hair. From the Latin, under the author's inspection, by. It is of the utmost importance to make a concerted move to attack this problem.


Soulier ascribes to it a direct temperature-lowering action upon the central nervous system, although a considerable rise in temperature has sometimes been recorded in acute poisoning by alcohol. A noise checked by compression of the vertebral arteries in the suboccipital hollows is strongly characteristic of labyrinthine congestion.

The adrenal glands also aggrevate all thyroid symptoms. Salophen, the New Remedy for Acute Rheumatism, is describen by several writers as having given very satisfactory results in this condition, without causing the gastric perturbations so commonly observed in active anti-rheumatics and without including toxic phenomena of any kind: ds. Under the influence of the drug the liquigel Indian is said to perform rapid and long journeys, or to carry heavy loads on very small quantities of food. They are heard with the usual clearness at the apex, immediately above the ensiform cartilage; at the third rib, or second intercostal space, on the right side; at midsternum; and even at the third costal cartilage and edge of sternum, on the left side.

Report to the commissioners of sewers of.

Boncerf, the noxious quality of the effluvia of putrid marshes. Enteral administration of the sulfonamide drugs, especially sulfathiazole, was followed by a striking lowering of mortality. Shorbe, who was associated with the McBride Clinic in Oklahoma City prior to his entrance into the Army, has recently been transferred from the Station Hospital at Fort Sill to the Lawson General Dr. In the early, or inflammatory stage, which sometimes lasts over years, only a sedative, or subthermal bath is appropriate, par excellence the low-pressure massage-douche. When the parts are not infected, and suitable treatment is provided, the synovitis which comes on will not be severe and will readily yield. The reflexes are abolished in succession and muscular tone is lost.

As nitro-glycerine under certain conditions is also liable drops to undergo spontaneous decomposition, Alfred Nobel, a Swedish engineer, sought for an absorbent capable of imbibing sufiicient of the explosive to allow of nitroglycerine still remaining available for blasting purposes, but yet less likely to undergo spontaneous decomposition; of becoming, in fact, a comparatively harmless solid. When he accepted the prison office. I have several times seen direct violence cause appendicitis, especially in those cases where a concretion existed.

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