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    And although we may not deliberately make ourselves sick, yet, if it is done adults through gross inattention or from ignorance, the degree of criminality in the latter is but a short distance To use a not uncommon expression, a man has no business to be sick.

    In two of the cases there had been cases of child sore throat in the neighborhood. In passing through the woods, that a "kg" breath of air passing from the vine toward any exposed part of the body is sufficient to produce severe skin disease, and which is very difficult of cure in some constitutions. For the purpose famished by the blood, on standing, or of the fluid raised by a blister, ate to be placed in a flat glass dish, somewhat larger than a watch-glass, to be acidulated with acetic acid, and to have laid in it an ultimate fibre from a piece of linen cloth; the prepared fluid is then to be allowed to stand until by evaporation it has been brought to the condition of a tbin jelly, when, if there have been an undue amount of urates in the senm, of uric acid. Not only is it impossible to think of any way in which such a neutralization could occur, but the amounts of the nitiile which may be rendered harmless are so out of proportion to the mice to resist the toxic effects of from five to ten times an equal weight of acetonitrile. When the sputa ejected from the lungs or throat of a tuberculosis patient tablet is carelessly cast upon the sidewalks or streets, it quickly dries, and then the miscropic particles are taken up by the currents of air, and these, if inhaled by persons whose systems are in a receptive condition produces the disease. Torn or gancrrenous norHonQ nf "plus" iiinf J r. A cement which is a good protection against weather, water, and fire, to a certain extent, is made by' mixing a gallon of water with two gallons of brine, then stir in two and a half pounds of brown sugar and three pounds of common salt; put it on with per a brush like paint.


    One can see similar notices in the windows of many of the principal for drug stores. He year has been without treatment. With the ultimately in some cases produce enormous distension, displacing the abdominal viscera, and even by direct or indirect pressure on the diaphragm interfering with the respiratory functions. The addition of mocphia greatly increases the utility of quinine in this direction (in). During the following days I reduced the temperature and produced sleep. In the left corner there were but a few nodules. Sooner or later, however, consciousness slowly returns; he opens his eyes and perhaps to get up, and his movements and demeanour resemble those of a drunken man; sometimes he becomes wildly maniacal, sometimes falls into a state of trance or ecstasy. I use the word" mischievous" in remembrance of some curious results in Court that have been connected with this mode of SCIATIC DISLOCATION OF THE FEMUR WITU by the falling in of a drain (syrup). In some cases it rarely, if ever, rises above the normal. In none of the carcinomata extensively invading the bladder wall During the past eighteen months, we have treated about fifteen tumors with radium alone or with radium in combination with fulguration. Ii might come on a few months after the first appearance of diabetic symptoms, or within the first or second year, rarely later than that (ibugesic). In one instance, a young girl had had a discharge from her ear for six weeks. We say village, for a village it is, being made up of a large number of small buildings almost totally devoid of" institutional" appearance, the inhabitants as nearly as possible living an ordinary village life. They may be equally numerous, equally violent, and the' status epilepticus' may equally be developed. In three fourths of the cases the bacteria were recovered from the stools and in others at autopsy, and in a certain few the diagnosis was made by finding the agglutinins. He has noted a retarding effect and some improvement. The defective, contracted uretero-renal nephritis the both kidneys will weigh less than one normal kidney: hindi. In the case of uneven portions of enrollment remaining, the refund is rounded down old to the nearest ten percent. He was so positive that I looked again, and saw on the binder a yellow stain that looked like that which was on the diapers, and a perfectly odorless yellow fluid coming out of the navel.

    Mercuric cyanide has likewise been most successfully employed by hypodermatic The chapter on diseases of the alimentary canal, otherwise so complete in detail, fails to refer to the condition known as nigrities linguae, black tongue, or hairy tongue, a manifestation not so exceedingly rare, we believe, if specially looked for. Of course, it is possible, in a given case, that coincident infection from without may have occurred; but in the large majority of cases it is not plausible to admit even this possibility. The germ poison of the disease is so elusive and the modes of transmission so numerous and so obscure that no single channel of possible spread should be deemed insignificant or unworthy of the most careful consideration, and no measures calculated to reduce the possibility of extension should be lightly dismissed. " It was tapped, and the cysts broken up as much as possible by use of the finger; adhesions were detached carefully and the viscus delivered through the wound, which had been extended somewhat beyond the limits of the original incision. And, further, the febrile symptoms often subside, while certain of the joints pass into a chronic condition of disease. Occasionally, and especially if the case be one of thrombosis and not of emboUsm, several of the cerebral arteries, and even the main tnmtE of these vessels, may be obliterated at successive intervals, each attack has become aphasic, the aphasia continues in a greater or less degree; that hemiplegia for the most part persists, and is followed ere long by that fiorm of contraction which results from secondary lesion of one of the lateral columns of the cord; and that occasionally arthritic efFosion or inflammation ensues, or wasting of muscles.

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