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I have not been able to find the slightest mention made of this disease, in all the works on dermatology which I have consulted.


It is a starvation diet, and in the majority of cases sooner or later the child develops symptoms of bad nutrition. I passed a piece of small drainage tube from the frontal sinus down into the nose.

It ingredients proved most fatal on the sea- shore of the Many people who had recovered, were affected a second time with all the symptoms of the disease. But if by walking or other damaging influences the flow of blood and pain are increased, showing pelvic congestion, rest ought to be again enjoined, especially by elevating the pelvis, even the knee-elbow position may be useful in such cases. Formation within that cavity of atheromatous benefits masses. Of some general disturbance of nutrition and is therefore termed alopecia symptomatica. Authorities to the open solicitation that is being carried on in the public streets, more especially of late years, and demands its the street, the various modes, not less dangerous though concealed, such as that of the shops; that of the brew-houses"for ladies" not less efficient in provocation, that lurks about the lyceums and colleges and invites have, as a consequence, the dissemination of syphilis. Thanks to more elaborate preparations for the campaign, the wounded received prompt and efficient attention. No cure has ever yet been recorded, where the diagnosis has remained unchallenged, and no such happy anticipation seems at present to be entertained. Those constituents of the blood which pass through the bloodvessel walls into the surrounding tissue in case of inflammation. If all or any of these objects appeal to you or if you simply wish to see this project successfully carried through, then obey that impulse and subscribe." The Vilgrain booths have done a certain amount ibuactive of useful work in lowering foodprices in Paris. Tb.e A, horny layer; B, rets Malpighi; C, corium and subcutaneous tissue; D, cavity with degenerated producte and purasitrjs: ibuact. It has been repeatedly demonstrated that sclerosed points or patches, wherever found, and of whatever variety they may consist, cannot be made to stain in this manner, and thus a ready and efficient means has been discovered, not only of identifying this morbid product, but of estimating in any specimen the relative proportion of true nerve tissue and neuroglia which may be involved. Thus the Gospel was placed upon the affected part of the body, or clothing of a particularly pious man was spread over the patient. Flourens that a very limited portion of it is the centre of this function.

Mention The American Journal off Clinical MedJcina Active pepsin is but one of the Pepsodent ingredients.

During the day, and when the association adjourned there were four hundred and six names registered. It has eight "solaray" different modalities. By Stuart Eldridge, M.D., Surgeon to the General Hospital of Yokohama, Japan; late Lecturer on Anatomy, Medical Department, University of Georgetown, XIX.

For most children there is no better food than milk from a healthy cow that is properly fed and cared for, and this milk is never more wholesome than when it comes fresh and sweet from the udder, nnvexed and unimproved by the meddlesome hand of man. Sometimes this appearance of the full complement of teeth takes place six months earlier, and sometimes six months later. In the alaoghtitr-houaea, calvea are often found canaed by complete stoppage of the excretory bile-duct by a mucoua ping or equally of ten by invagination of the duodenum; leaa frequently, however, by prtaaure of the enlarged apleen, at by neoplaam of the pancreaa. The Homoeopathic fraternity have been laboring hard, but thus far ineffectually, in trying to secure to their practice a portion of the Some of the members of the Board of Governors have been prevailed on to give their support to this proposal, but they cannot induce a majority of their colleagues to believe that the infinitesimal system deserves the confidence or patronage of those having charge of public institutions at this enlightened day. This creolin-liniment consists of one part of creolin, one of spirit and eight parts of green soap. The remarkable point in this report is, that there was a double puncture in the aorta, a very serious injury, indeed, and that, "krem" despite this grave trauma, the patient lived forty-one days. (See remarks on this point by Kenneth G. At the same time the floor of the pelvis should be restored when necessary in order to overcome in which he discussed the form of prolapse through the vaginal outlet, denominating the condition as a hernia of the bladder, rectum, and vagina, accompanied or not by the uterus. "I demand," he said,"that Frenchmen's teeth shall be extracted by Frenchmen." The French deputies, however, did not desire that privilege, and rejected the ex-Boulangist's proposal without Adamkiewicz has recently announced before the Academy of Sciences of Vienna a treatment for cancer, by which the metastatic infiltrations are rapidly removed, and the primitive growth is caused to sphacelate with a tendency to complete cure.

Recent investigations tend to prove that the essential cause of pneumonia is either Frankel's pneumococcus, Friedlander's bacillus of pneumonia (dipplo-bacillus) or the streptococcus pyogenes. But to see a debilitated gouty frame instantly restored to vigour; to see the whole system in a moment, as it were, undergo a perfect and entire change, and the most inveterate and incurable uses disease radically expelled, is surely a different thing, and must be acknowledged a very singular and marvellous event. Be of interest for years to come. The connective tissue foUows a gelatinous and soft infiltration, which compresses the alveoU and bronchioli.

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