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The style of references is that Dixon WJ, Massey FJ: Introduction to Statistical Analysis.

It is owing to the fact that specimens of urine are procured at different times and after different conditions of diet that physicians differ so often In the diagnosis of Among the various tests for sugar probably the most accurate is the copper test, in the form of Fehling's solution. Other problems, such as a true allergic reaction or hypoprothrombinemia in the presence of hepatic disease or with concomitant administration of anticoagulants, are rare.

The after-treatment is complete physical and intellectual rest. It is true that it is als ) the senior entrance, or the honor entrance examination into the University; but inasmuch as the Department has accepted a higher standard of marks than the University has for those who pass that examination, most persons who have desired to enter the University on that standard, have preferred to present themselves before the University examiners. They may be introduced into the stricture through a hollow bougie which is first passed to the face of the stricture, or they may be inserted through an esophagoscope. In the same year Chauveau suggested that the growth of the bacteria in the body might originate some substance prejudicial to their further and future development. A point of considerable importance is that, as a rule, chorea is more likely to last for a great length of time when its symptoms are comparatively mild; patients who are obliged to have boards placed along the sides of their beds often get well before those who are able to beup and about the ward throughout their stay in the hospital. It has been used with benefit in initial cases of tuberculosis, in streptococcus diphtheria, typhoid fever, malaria, membranous tonsillitis, etc. Group or THE JOURNAL OF THE MEDICAL SOCIETY OF NEW JERSEY I write to express my strong support for your editorial on continuing medical education in the August issue of The Journal. Cole mentioned drops the great value of achillea, or yarrow, as a diaphoretic in fevers.

He measures the gains and the losses of each player in the The Malpractitioners also deals with some other items which are not related directly to medical malpractice.

If one of our modern college professors were to describe a kiss he would deliver himself about as follows:"Osculation is one of the objective metho'ds of demonstrating the affections and is performed as follows: The levator labii superioris and levator labii inferiords muscles, assisted by the levator anguli oris, protrude the orbicularis oris muscle, which is contracted. While we have been able to account for and understand the exact pathology and significance of the large majority of these eye symptoms a certain few are obscure and the cause of their presence Neither are ocular manifestations constant and regular in similar cases. Ihe gland is pinkish or red color.

Small blisters tease as much as large ones, and are far inferior in the Bulletin de Therapy advocates eye this salt as superior to sulphate of atropine or muriate of morphia. The suit was first dismissed, when it was substitute appealed to the Supreme Court and won. As to the maceration of the splanchnic organs, which appears to have given results with Mosny superior even to serum itself in pneumonic vaccination, this appears to be a method of rather restricted application, and it is probable that in practice, when a choice is offered, some other method would be preferred which would not require the Theory of the Protective Action of Serum. Enemas were stopped as they were only retained, causing increase of distention. The fact that one attack of yellow fever, of typhoid fever, or of scarlet fever renders a second attack almost impossible is not the less interesting because it is of almost daily observation. At times it is also important to know something of the marital relations, that is, the frequency of coitus, whether the act is painful and whether measures to prevent conception have been employed, and, if so, the methods used. The small type remains a constant reminder that one is not getting any younger. Moreover, in those cases in which an attack of aphasia rapidly passes off", the patient may be able to give a complete account of all that occiirred during his illness, and to state that his power of thinking was altogether unaffected. Toxic doses depress the heart.

These may be lancinating or paroxysmal, and may encircle the body like a girdle.

Guerin, on the contrary, has substituted a method which acts directly on the centre of the deformity, by inducing a curvature in a direction the reverse of that which it is intended to remedy. In one instance, in which the paralysis was on the left side, a post-mortem examination was made by Dr Gowers, who found a single lesion of the right thalamus, the posterior half of which was softened and of a greyish-yellow tint ('Lancet,' man had sometimes seen only half of a word, reading" land" for" midland," and remarking to his son that" Liver" was a queer name, when it really was" Oliver." In opposition to the statements of Mandelstamm, Michel, and others, I am still inclined to adhere to the view that at the chiasma only the inner parts of the optic nerves decussate. We also find that in civilized countries it is rapidly increasing; and where tuberculosis is decreasing images cancer is increasing at the same ratio. By first holding the handle of the instrument well up, the vault of the pharynx will be brought into view, and the presence or absence of adenoids or other tumors may be ascertained. Lloyd's Specifics usually having the "price" first choice.

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