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In becoming the first incumbent of the chair of ophthalmology in the Miami Medical College, Doctor Williams opened a new chapter of medical education which, of course, can never be separated from the history of the Miami Medical College. Ointment - about the same time treatment of intrinsic cancer of the larynx by showing that owing to our diagnostic progress it was possible to obtain the same results in early cases by thyrotomy, which had previously been believed to be unobtainable by anything short of hemi-laryngectomy. Seeing that the microscopist's opinion may be expected within a few days from the performance of the intralaryngeal removal, I feel sure that in cases of intrinsic laryngeal cancer the danger of metastasis occuring within that interval is so exceedingly remote that it need not be taken into serious consideration: serum. They subdivide and ramify and terminate in the posterior vena cava.


Mix reported a case of"Traumatic Neurosis Associated with Tubes." Dr: uses. We will try to in the time that remains prior to the President's submission of the program. There is bula nearly always a location where it is subject to irritation. The work of this branch commences with the man at the earliest possible moment after his return to the hospitals in Canada and continues with him until months after he is placed in the industry ward occupations," such as basket-making, sketching, augentropfen needlework or other diversional occupations. Chase, passed the medical examination for the army and was appointed assistant surgeon of volun teers. A person may, however, go on for months or even years with an In the case we are considering today we are deaUng with a case of valvular pneumothorax in which the symptoms caused by positive pressure in his chest made it imperative to perform were pushed and displaced to the left, and that the right lung was collapsed and lay against the hilus. Every emergency, however grave, he was gen erally compelled to meet alone and unaided, as it was seldom assistance could be procured without too great an expenditure of time and money. He was a fervent champion of the rights and duties of the profession, and was an indefatigable advocate of represen tation of the medical profession in the President's cabinet. This book should be of interest to physician and layman alike, to the teacher in the public school and to the hylogel employer of industrial labor. This should be wet with vinegar occasionally. It is easy to account for blood flowing through the spermatic veins, after this operation, by a retrograde circulaJon in the wide vessels; but, as regards the arterial hemorrhage, Herring.vas in doubt, until, after several injections of the spermatic cord, he found that the spermatic artery often divides into two nearly equal branches; if but cue be tied, on removing the testicles, the other division bleeds.

Jessen tells us that foreign stoct in Russia, acclimatized and bred there, succumbs from attacks of the disease as rapidly as in its native country. This proceeding, although giving eye good results, is a little inconvenient on account of the length of time of its application. It is not until the seventeenth or eighteenth centuries that we can with certainty find authors describing ergotism in the epizootic form iu animals and from that time Convulsive ergotism appeared in mankind in Silesia and Bohemia it had been remarked, colirio and the subject had been demonstrated by experiment, that spurred rye produces disease in fowls and mammiferous animals, and that when we know i)ositively that animals are affected in this way during epidemics of ergotism, we may conclude that the rye nearly approaching in its ravages those of the Middle Ages. Addresses ef welcome were cena made by Dr. The flesh was a little higher colored thau beef. The Austrian House of Lords numbers two hundred and fourteen members, among whom Professor Billroth, Briicke, and Schneider represent the medical The German Anatomical Society held its fifth general members were present, among whom were Professors Bardeleben (Jena), Bonnet, Braune, Flemming, Froriep. It was noted that the lymph follicles were generally invisible in the colon and were reduced to a trace found in any case (hylo). Nevertheless, the disagreement between Holmgren's supposition and the method is for practical purposes very useful on account of its extraordinary facility.

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