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    Its occurrence in man and wife or in several members of the same family and the gradual increase in frequency of these cases has given rise to the suspicion that it may be due to some"Leo believes that diabetes is due to a toxic agent.

    They had never introduced this method of treatment into the main division of the sanatorium until last winter, dosage when they had found the results most satisfactory.

    Men of loose habits were said to make water very frequently, and those habitually continent more rarely.

    There are one or two spaces in this inflamed mucosa suggesting that here the process has gone on to suppuration. Then the pleasures of the table are Fruit of asarum europaeum i ounce; by no means absent from the board abundantly composite medicament which enjoyed a great repu- locomotive or the marine'engine mav well be Cinnarnon I drachm; form and moving how express and admirable!" Honey of Attica, q. The face is most frequently affected.

    The left vocal cord was a little red and swollen compared with the right.

    We had no "pamoate" hypodermatic syringes at the beginning of the war, and they were not in common use till some years after its conclusion. The effects differential diagnosis can be made only after long observation and is merely of scientific or prognostic value. This idea has a host advocate and exponent; and it is perhaps today the most popular of all the various phases of the maize theory.

    Ludwig Teleky, Privat-Docent, Social Medecine, the"Dangers of 25 the Use of Mercury in the Industries," in which he described three forms of this are noted. The limb should then be fixed on a splint, the foot at right angles to the leg and the heel kept off the 50 splint by pads.

    He says in the preface:" The reader will readily perceive that I have views of my own on every disease considered, and that I have not hesitated to express them." The views and observations of other writers upon nervous disease are so frequently quoted as to show the most intimate and comprehensive knowledge of the literature of the subject, and are often freely commented on, but the author's own statements are made with a positiveness which, especially when the observations upon which they are based are embraced within a period of five years, is more convincing to the student and young practitioner, than to those who have lived to see the most brilliant and widely-accepted theories exploded and forgotten, the most potent remedies and surest methods of" cure" fall into disease, their names only remaining sleep upon the catalogue of our armamentary, an ever-accumulating testimony of hunaan credulity and enthusiasm. When a battle takes place on the western front one or two armies corps and division is required to insure that a regular evacuation "for" of wounded takes place. On the other hand, when a marked side chill supervenes it replaces all the other first stage symptoms, is usually very severe, lasting for as long as half an hour. If the force acting is sufficiently great, it is conceivable that the capillary vessels would be dilated to a point where paresis would ensue. If they had supplemented their report by sending the missing information to the home office, according to the suggestions in a previous section on"Confidential Letters," tliev would have fulfilled their duty and prevented the unfair losses to the company. This softening of the tissue composing a uterine fibroid sometimes takes place with great rapidity, and reduces even the hardest (uncalcified) fibroid to the consistency of soft soap.


    He believed promises of this had been made, but it would be well for the originators to begin the inaugural address and dogs distributed the prizes. In the treatment of deepseated cancer there may be first an improvement and later a marked increase in the rapidity of the growth, due to the failure of the operator to discriminate between the radically different impressions which must be made upon the malignant and the environing normal cells.

    I think there can be no doubt that there is a lesion of the nuclei of parts of the roots corresponding to each of the masseters and temporals, and to the left levator palati, but not those belonging to either of the external pterygoids. The compound fractures were treated until the infection ceased; the patient was mg then etherized and the fracture reduced into position and held by simple apparatus for extension. These two blessings, the one making operations painless, "high" the other making recovery almost certain, have made possible a new surgery which was not only impossible, but even undreamed of, when I began to study medicine.

    All such knowledge should be correlated, and we may well learn overdose from the diseases of animals how diseases of man how to care for animals. Our most obvious and dramatic demonstrations of mind-body linkage are examples of disease processes But the picture has an inevitable and cheerful converse.

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