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)i whieb is too high or too dosage low is harmful. Besides this, every hospital there receiving Government davis aid has to receive a certain number of consumptives, thus placing British Columbia in this regard ahead of"Reports from Alberta show an anxiety on the part of many fbr something practical being done at an early date, and it leagues inrganiaed during the past year immediate pnrpoae to start a sanatorium for the tnbereulous, and towards that end the Provincial Government has promised"Id Manitoba, the wiatoriaiii at Ninette baa been formally opened, and ia now in Yaneed eaaea ia nndff way and nmeh edneatiooal work baa been done in tbe mty and thnmcboot tbe prorinoe. Very recently a man came in my office showing myriad symptoms, the and vitality. It is remarked that Otten's paper might lead the reader to infer that the primary reservoirs of the out-door flea, Pygiopsylla ahalae, are in the fields. Haemorrhoidalis (nose-fly) is by far the most amioying to horses at the time the eggs are laid, the effects of oviposition on pastured animals being loss of flesh and mechanical injuries due to subsequent rubbing against posts and barbed wire. S rnach talk aboot the tariff, and high witkly diiTering opiniona on the aobject. But sudorifics, by far the most successful, as, indeed, the most rational datives, proximate cause we have endeavoured to illustrate, and consisted in a combined employment of the two last of these The two opium where the tormina required it, and the employment nation Geiv.

IfsBMBgar has jost presented a most Unoglrtfol, aeholariy and logical report, aoppwnented by eonelaaioBa to the pdf effeet thst in all the amiderfal de ntopm ent of efforts to seeura a favoraMe mortality tion of nam, whQe the question of what forta to postpone or prevent the death of the insurad, after granting the policy, has hardly been given serious consideration. Countless other benefits would promptly follow and the attention paid to child hygiene, sanitation, statistics, special research, the manufacture of drugs and foods, occupational -sanitation, and so on would soon elevate the standards of home, school, factory and personal hygiene, rendering these influences infinitely more effective in promoting health, happiness and general prosperity. Porter effects oIivIoii.hIv referred to the.antitoxin of letaiiiiH only an one of various agent- by which pliysifaans, under the hml had a move impressive array of sUitistics to drive hin are paralhd.

Elements of the theory and practice of Physic: hydroxychloroquine. It would appear that blood examination with the technical means at present available does not provide a sure method of determining the causative agent of typhus.

This necrotic case was a late carcinoma of the jaw. I add, m fact, starch gradually in such quantities to the pepsin, that a gramme (fifteen grains) of the mixture is in a position to digest four grammes of dry fiorine, or that it will in the stomadi necessary to determine in the manner related the quantity of starch to principle combines with the inert starch.


The physicians of Mexico agrei d that Mexican typhus presented irregular manifestations. There is, therefore, no reason to apprehend the occurrence of uraemia as a consequence of the renal complication in diphtheria; this complication not being the cause of the djscrasia, but merely the index of The numerous facts collected in this memoir show very clearly that there is a variety of paralysis supervening upon diphtheria, which deserves the name of diphtheritic paralysis. Strictly speaking, the essence of the Finsen light is not light at all, for the ultraviolet frequencies of infinite rapidity are no more visible than the still higher frequencies of, or the far lower frequencies that we appreciate as sound or heat. When the smaller portions of each constituent of the reaction air used, the mixing may be best done with capillary pipettes, after the fashion of cell suspension mixing in the working of the opsonic index. But those who establish the sanatoria should proceed tactfully and with an endeavor to minimize the antagonism of their neighbors. Coupon - it required that all dairymen and milk vendors must be registered, the dairies kept in a sanitary condition, and that any person working in a dairy must he reported to the Board of Health immedintrlv if he is suffering from an rent.

Eyes - in the first case, that of a woman of twenty-five, who was being treated for hemorrhage from gastric ulcer, the patient had had for about a week before the appearance of the rash nutrient suppositories, and enemata of milk, eggs and beef tea. In fairness it must be said that a clear-cut differential diagnosis between an allergy and sinus infection is sometimes hard to make, and they may co-exist.

The Association has decided to accept a challenge received from sulfate France, and it is expected that the match will be shot in May in this country and from the importation of small-pox into the State of New York by the.Joshua Simpkins Opera Company, Geneva. We know thnt oxygon and nitrogen, in tlie proportion of une side to four, are the principal gases, while nitrogen is ka. I have myself been witness to various cases which could not be ascribed to any other cause; and pregnancy Dr.

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