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Barber then continues:"W'hile "composition" we we can, by manipulations, which will be stretch the contracted muscles that are obstructing the current, whereujion, if the case has not become chronic, the bowels will immediately resume their functions and the excited kidney will cease to act so rapidly." Then he adds that it takes nature from two to six weeks to assert itself in all chronic cases. Another excellent addition to the treatment of whooping-cough is the application of caraway oil, rubbed once or twice during twenty-four hours over the pit of the stomach.

All the cases were females aged from six months to fourteen years, and among them were examples of all tiie forms of chorea. Weakness or perversion of mitid is observed In all decided cases, but usually impaired memory, stupidity, irritability, and morbid impulses have been observed. After using this instrument, administer an opiate and enjoin rest for at least three days. The latter says that specialization contracts the area of a man's efforts and compels him to travel in a narrow road; his steps are monotonous and his prospect is limited.

When, by the aid of these signs, the existence of a multipartite pleurisy has been recognized, can one go further in the diagnosis, and distinguish the situation of the fundamental partitions in such manner that the knowledge may direct the thoracentesis? M. Having fairly enucleated the tumor, and made sure that no important veins or vessels are implicated, its base is pierced with stout curved needles carrying waxed ligatures, and the vascular supply is completely cut off. A lotion of corrosive minims of carbolic acid or creolin. Sensibility is also diminished or destroyed by nicotine, likewise the reflex power of the medulla; if the doses are not very high the non-striated muscles retain their power of contractility longer than the striated muscles. Individuals with good mechanisms of defense in the intestine constitute the so-called abortive cases. For ourselves, having had several opportunities of seeing patients treated successfully on the above rules, both by M. ' feet all Europe lies are apt to d3 be accepted WILL FASTING KILL PATHOGENIC as law, if not as gospel. From time to time, also, the visitor or nurse makes her report to the physician of the patient's home conditions and life. In conclusion we welcome this earnest and we feel assured that the diffusion of the ideas contained in this book will tend to improve our school system, and also the Of the Library of the Surgeon General's office, United States Army, Vol.

The case steadily improved and in a month was well. The other extends from the internal condyle to the head of the radius. Robert Barnes, in a recent clinical a method practiced by Harvey of washing out the uterine cavity when charged with noxious matter has come into vogue.


The vaccine (bacterin) treatment of these pyogenic infections is Syphilis is a chronic, specific, contagious disease, communicated from one individual to another either by direct contact with the lesions of the disease, or with their secretions containing the specific organism, The acquired form is characterized by an initial lesion, an interval during which there are no new manifestations, a period of secondary symptoms, followed either by permanent cure, or by a latent interval The clinical course of the disease is, for convenience, divided into (i) Period of primary incubation, or that intervening between the exposure to contagion and the appearance of the chancre. Respecting these changes, it is only necessary to say that calcification is far more common than ossification, true bone being rarely encountered, while the deposition of the earthy salts in the intercellular substance, and to a less extent in the cells, is the rule. DISEASES OF TfiE KERVOCS BTBTEM. The thyroid veins prove very troublesome and must be ligatured as they are divided. Further than this, as my numbers are incomplete, I am disinclined to go.

The solutions must be very weak, and used freely and frequently. Observations on the use of opium in uterine hsDmorrhage STOMACH, weight of the, in various diseases (J. Functional imperfections on the other hand can often be removed in a moment, because the inward construction does not change and the local action is altered merely by unusual excitation or oppression. Relief uses of the asthmatic paroxysm itself is comparatively easily secured, and various drugs have been employed hypodermically for this purpose.

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