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A Manual for Mothers and Nurses, containing Practical Directions for the Management of infancy and Childhood in Health M.D., Clinical Professor of Diseases of Cliildren in the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania; Professor of Clinical Medicine in the Philadelphia Polyclinic and School for Graduates in Medicine; Physician to the Children's Hospital, to the Methodist Episcopal Hospital, and to the St. Changes as great as those I have mentioned have been made in all- the Departments. Part I., in three Chapters, treats' of the various implements and furniture required in the dispensing shop, the various weights and measures and specific gravity. Mustard gas vapor while wearing a gas mask.

One is the remarkable, and almost intelligent sympathy felt and expressed by and between the organs concerned; and the other, the wonderful changes, both in dimensions and structure, which the uterus is made to undergo, preparatory to, and in the performance of, the special functions which the pregnant condition devolves upon it. I allude to the improved facilities for education, to our social professional customs, to the medical press, and our own special literature. The indications are to open every one of the little cells and thoroughly disinfect them. In such a case the uterus may be found at its normal level, the other sustaining structures being of sufficient strength and tonicity to maintain it in place; or inflammatory or cicatricial changes may have impaired its mobility. The long drawn out chronic cases are not seen, and the which signs and symptoms disappear, suggests an antitoxic property; the positive chemotaxis for polymorphonuclear leucocytes, and the promoted phagocytosis are most definite and constant features; finally, the reduction in the number of diplococci, the change in their staining properties, and the loss of viability speak for a bactericidal power ment of Viscera, Both Abdominal and Thoracic, wandering, or dislocated hollow organs, lie far back in the origins of growth and development. How strongly the theory was urged may be judged by Velpeau's statement:" I declare, nevertheless, that the majority of the women treated for other affections of the uterus have only displacements, and I affirm, that eighteen times out of twenty, patients suffering from disease of the womb, or of some other part of this region, those, for instance, in whom they diagnose engorgements, are affected by displacements." Graily Hewitt, again, showed in his writings and teachings the enormous importance he attached to displacements of the womb; in his well-known work on Diseases of Women he formulates the following are almost universally found to be affected with flexion or alteration in the shape of the uterus; an alteration of easily recognised character a state of unusual softness, or what may be often correctly designated' itself, so to speak, but continues to act incessantly as the cause of the For a long time the teaching and literature of this epoch caused a vastly undue importance to be laid on the presence of every flexion or deviation, however slight. In the rapidly striking, death occurs in a few hours by general intoxication of the whole nervous system.

Jewett referred to another reason why army practice is not calculated to enhance the professional attainments of the physician. ; and Diseases of Women and Children, William Goodell, M.


After some years of this dearth of operating I had an interview with the superintendent; and he said,"If you will bring your own instruments, and call my attention to what you want to do, I will back you up." This was the entering wedge which has led to magnificent opportunities in the new Out-patient Building, for operation and lectures, of which the out-patient surgeons of former days never dreamed. Tab - indeed, the domestic dog is much more gregarious, or at least much more free to come in contact with other animals of its own species, than the horse and other domestic animals. The secretions collect within the cavity of the body by the obstruction at the inner os, which is usually caused by the angle of flexion; distension then induces muscular contraction, and this forces the menstrual blood past the angle into the cervical canal; but as the external opening is congenitally minute, escape is again hindered, and the cervical cavity is thus also dilated: the quantity of the corporeal secretion increases, muscular contraction follows, and escape is effected; but the cervical membrane at the external os has been depressed, irritated, inflamed, thickened, everted, and become granular, and this, however slight it may be, narrows the opening yet farther. Haemgrow - we must now search for symptoms that will furnish a clue to the localization in the brain. If should suspension be exposed and ligatured well beyond the limits of the phlebitis, and then incised or excised.

In the which he had cot noticed at his last examination. The clamp is, however, the principal modification in the operation of extirpation of the uterus. A small portion of the growth was examined microscopically, and found to be cancerous; its cells were small and cylindrical, and its urethral origin was Cabot refers to five other cases reported by F.

Power of retaining and expelling the feces has improved. In appearance they resemble elephantiasis, but on extirpation they are found to consist of fatty tissue. The deep, feeble and loose cough, attended with free expectoration, is usually present in the advanced stages of lung disease, as pulmonary tuberculosis, pulmonary abscess, or, in some cases, in the latter stages of pneumonia, also the bronchoiThoea following the acute attacks on those suffering from chronic bronchitis.

The diagnosis of tubal pregnancy is nearly always beset with anxiety, which becomes intensified when complications exist.

The project for building the new Brigham Hospital in aflSliation with the school on part of this land is at present in abeyance, owing to renewed litigation over the will. E., the most economic method of controlling bovine tuberculosis in a dairy state, is not an easy one, and any suggestions that will help the Department to improve its system, we feel sure, will be welcomed. The ears had become suddenly cold and blue on a warm day, and had remained so for several hours, gradually resuming the normal color. The three other comers were assigned to Germany, France, and Great Britain. In the application of exercise to pathological conditions of posture, of nutrition, of the circulation, and of the nervous system, success must depend upon the careful selection and accuracy of the kind of dose employed, and on persistence in following out a course of treatment. Eichelot has had for the surgical skill of the operators; but in this country we have not yet become convinced of the necessity, or even of the advisability, of operating at all upon these small fibroids. Sir Benjamin Brodie said:"Why should hip disease be dangerous? The hip is not a vital organ," and Dr. Twenty-one in number, eight males and thirteen females, and cases, (b) tinea tonsurans (ring-worm of the head) two cases, total fourteen; second, that caused by the microsporon furfur, the tinea versicolor, five cases; third, that due to the achorion instance recorded during the year of parasitic sycosis, nor of disease of the nail of parasitic origin. After a time his pulse improved, the dilatation of the pupils ceased, he appeared to understand when spoken to clearly and distinctly; he tried to speak himself, and did articulate imperfectly About this time he had a discharge from the bowels in the bed, but his mother thought that it was not altogether involuntary, and that he had tried to give notice of it, but was unable to make himself understood. At this stage the muscular bundles, being still present, prevent the formation of large cavities, and give to the cyst wall a peculiar uneven rppearance, closely simulating the cardiac cavities with their columnae earneee. A cell count was not made on account of the extreme turbidity. It seems to be the design to make it another Massachusetts General Hospital, a plan which could not be too highly praised were two institutions of that character needed at present in this city; but it appears to us that, if this exclusive system is allowed to prevail, the petition of the physicians of Boston has not been answered, and that we still have as great need of a city hospital as before.

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