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    Recent records for this species in the planning area are not known to exist, and the planning area is not currently considered to be within its breeding range. Whether the book will fulfil all that it seeks for, can only be determined after it has been tested in the great teaching schools, and there is no doubt that it will be carefully tried; but there are points in the arrangement and method of handling the subject that require notice in a general review such as this. Yes, to be sure, he had been mistaken, not alone in the diagnosis, but Along with this happy case, the physician met during the last ten years with many other cases which justified the thought that he was mistaken then. This will be referred to later.

    The laxatives should not be given so as to interfere with digestion, and a daily ilose of jtiborandi can be so administered iia not to interfere with the aippctitc or exercise (gynecef). When the celebration of his fortieth anniversary came around, the hearty tributes from all over Europe showed in what lofty reverence the kindly old man was held, who had sacrificed some of his chances for greater scientific fame in order to be a teacher of others, and a living exponent of the fact that the frame of mind which leads to great scientific discovery and that which bows humbly to religious truth, far from being hopelessly and essentially opposed to each other, may be peacefully united in the same person in their highest expression.

    Her tongue is always coated and, on awaking in the morning, somewhat abnormal to inspection or palpation.


    In one case they occurred then in the night only. These soils are loose and subject to Areas susceptible to slumping, sliding, and soil creep impose hazards to reservoirs, roads, and stability problems are greatest in map unit C. And again, tachycardia is often a persistent and prominent symptom in arrested and cured cases, without any cause for it in the heart itself and without marked involvement of lung tissue. By Samuel Fenwick, Consulting Physician to King's College The Physiology of the Carbohydrates; their Application as Food and An Essay on Asphyxia (Apncea). The essential element is the bilateral representation of the corresponding muscles that habitually act together, so that, in proportion to their association, they can be innervated from either hemisphere.

    The hospitals of the Holy Ghost were one of the many means by which Innocent III thought to hold humanity to the Holy See.

    In a case of the author's in which the sac was opened from behind, thecal;'ulus was removed and free tlrainage secured, but the patient was exhausted by urine aiul dil:it:ition of the pelvis and calyces, with progressive atrophy congenital it is due to some anatomical anomaly: 200. It is best administered in the early morning, so that the disturbance produced by it may be ended before finecef the time for the administration of the other remedies directed during the day. The members of the medical profession, upon whom is enjoined the performance of so many important and arduous duties toward the community, and who are required to make so many sacrifices of comfort, ease and health for the welfare of those who avail themselves of their services, certainly have a right to expect and require that their patients should entertain a just sense of the duties which they owe to their medical attendants. Rest in bed, a milk diet, and diuretics, followed by a meatless diet, soon improve bona fide cases. Booth emphasized two points that should be attended to in resuscitating a person in chloroform or ether narcosis, namely, getting blood to the brain and artificial respiration.

    At fifty-two goitre was noted.

    Ttacilli in patients remaining over three months. Amnesic aphasia exists to a variable extent, awid may, indeed, involve but a limited number of words, PuraphaMa Pis a term propuHcd by Kussmaul uses to signify the mental state in which the wrong words are used, or unintelligible expressions employed to which wrong or meaningless written signs may be used to express the with a number of intra-cranial lesions; with occlusion, either by thrombosis or embolism of the vessels; with cerebral hemorrhage; with DISEASES OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEU. This distinction is important, and, when it can be made out, may assist one materially in forming a diagnosis. The effect of this sort of practice upon the medical man is to lower his medical standards. As very similar symptoms and lesions are caused by lead, copper, and some other mctnla, the modem use of these metals in domestic life may have a causative relation to this and corresponding nervous affections.

    Magnetic influences especially would, he hoped, enable him to pierce, at least to some degree, this fundamental mystery of nature. We will never reach a proper solution of our problem until the game and employee can meet on a common ground of justice, and I do not think that I am soaring into the land of dreams or looking for an early coming of the millennium when I say we will soon Received by an Employee in the The following interpretations and definitions are taken from the declared to be synonymous with servant, and includes all natural persons who perform services for another for a valuable consideration, exclusive of persons whose emplojTuent is casual in character and not in the regular course of the business of the employer, and exclusive of persons to whom articles or materials are given out to be made up, cleaned, washed, altered, ornamented, finished or repaired, or adapted for sale, in the worker's otvti home, or on other premises not under the control or management of the used in this act shall be construed to mean only violence to the physical structure of the body, and such disease or infection as naturally results therefrom, and wherever death is mentioned as a cause for compensation under this act, it shall mean only death resulting from such violence and its resultant effects, and occurring within three himdred weeks after the accident.

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