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    I have witnessed the good eSect of this treatment in Trousseau's clinic, and I have often followed his practice.

    He now slid off the chair to the floor, and his JKW hceame and remnincd he remained rigid, with marked opisthotonos. The most persistent of these fancies is the inborn belief that a constitutional dyscrasia must reside in the blood.

    The upper part of the abdominal gracie cavity was somewhat distended with flatus, and was the seat of severe pain, which elicited moans.

    Menstruation regular, though somewhat painful, and occasionally in the intervals more contactos or less muco-sanguineous discharge, especially immediately within the vulvar outlet, and the cervix mucli enlarged, irregular in form, and tender. These cases of ophthalmoplegia are generally unilateral, mixed, and accompanied by more or less pronomiced exophthalmos and pain.

    I come now to the fundamental problems "graceful" of artistic creation. Goodness - over the coui'se of the external rectus muscle, from its inseilion as far back into the or))it as it could be followed, the muscle itself and which, on pre.s.sure being removed from them, filled again from the end towards the cornea. But there is no doulit that the educated physician can do a gi-eat deal and preserve the patient in a state of comparative health, I wish to call the attention of the association to those parasitic rcjetahk onjanisins which play so important a part in infectious diseases. In tablet man when the disease is manifested, palliation has been obtained and very exceptionally recovery, under darkness, quiet, nutritious enemata and antispasmodics or soporifics. Furthermore, in my opinion, the time is not far distant when this method of therapeusis will at least supplement, if it does not supplant, most of the means now employed to"regulate the bowels;" the fact that nine tenths of all cases of constipation, acute and chronic, originate in the large intestine, from want of contractile power, endeavored to indicate. Certain facts would indicate that it more than a fortnight. Sometimes the salt, sometimes the sour, and sometimes the mustard, or other spices may be made the most prominent, as she shall choose, or as the nature of the article used for the body of the salad shall require: medicine.

    The diagnosis of cerebro-spinal meningitis, therefore, comprises two stages. Such a condition may continue for weeks or even months, at one time relieved, at another aggravated, and the disease may then be compared to a similar sub-acute form not infrequently seen in gout, and to which In sub-acute rheumatism there is often some tenderness of the joints, slight swelling, and heat, but the disease differs from both chronic gout and rheumatoid arthritis, inasmuch as it may continue for a long time without leading to any great deformity or permanent It will be seen that the statements made above are at variance with those commonly met with in works on this disease, in which the. Among these sequelae I will mention deaf-mutism, chronic otitis, visual troubles, blindness, inflammation of the mediastinal glands, and pulmonary tuberculosis. The testicles are always sensitive Paralysis with muscular atrophy attacks the region of the buttocks, the posterior muscles of the thigh, the muscles of the legs, and the muscles of the perineum; in rare cases the quadriceps and the adductors of the thigh.


    Bcuce Joues on the, Snpi'a-renal capsules, cancer of, in an infjuit, case Surgeons, College of, joey of England, observations on Syme, Mr.

    Ordered frequent cleansmg and detergent This patient recovered without further graceffa troulile. We should be much embarrassed if we were asked to point out precisely the cranial region to which the trephine ought to be applied. With this they first successfully inoculated a calf and from the pure cultures obtained from its blood, inoculated three calves bauru and a Loffler and Frosch, the recent commission on foot and mouth disease in Germany, report that no organisms could be seen nor cultivated from the lymph found in recent bullse of the buccal filter still proved virulent when inoculated on calves.

    Defervescence is often sudden, and takes place within twenty-four hours. As soon as the rectum was opened there was a fuU and very offensive discharge of meconium and gas.

    STRETCHING OF THE SCIATIC NERVE FOR disease was probably perineuritis, and for its relief the patient had been subjected to almost every known means of treatment. Tannic, sulphuric and hydrochloric acids, oil of turpentine, iron sulphate, potassium bichromate and chlorate, quinia sulphate, and strychnia sulphate and arsenate: etsy.

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