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To overcome the objections found in the use of sculptor's clay as an electrode Dr.

Has used the preparations of aconite in typhus, and in inflammatory fevers, but without success. I consider it superior to the camphorated tincture of opium, so universally used both by nurses and physicians. Broadly speaking, they find that acute cases are the more difficult to cure, because there may not be time enough to raise the opsonic power to such a degree as to influence the course of the disease; and at present we do not know much about the proper dosage necessary to do the greatest of fifteen years' chronicity in a like number of weeks. The reader is urged to consult an attorney for answers to specific legal These comments do not necessarily represent the views stock of KANSAS medicine, or the Kansas Medical Society.


He extended a hearty welcome from Van Buren County. The patient will be anesthetized in from five to ten minutes to the surgical degree.

With this instrument (a full account of when, he has had no difficulty in urination or symptoms of the disease. After a nice boost for The Medic Gerry writes that he is"not glycominds married although it looks as though I'll have to find a wife since all my friends are getting married." and opened offices at Runnemede, N. There existed in Paris for that space of time a nunnery of price a new foundation, and which had not been able to obtain from the ecclesiastical authorities anything but a temporary tolerance on account of the severity of its rules. The region The Upper or Superior Sternal Region comprehends that portion of the breast boue which is superior to the lower border of the It covers the left and a small portion of the right innominate vein (pipeline). Temperature, pulse and respirations were I gave one pint of oil to counteract the effects of the opium and left a few doses of mix vomica to be given. (d) The effect of gravity and habitual posture. The little tracts which afford in an entertaining form whatever may serve to instruct the people in any matters bearing upon homoeopathy, are most useful agents. The tubular sounds, in fact, frequently became louder at the first removal of the crepitus, which in phthisis as well as in pneumonia, tends to mask the signs of consolidation. News - street cries, horns, whistles, chimes, signals, and so on, were only nuisances night and day.

Its germicide powers are over six times greater than that of iodoform. Pes valgus of the second degree. He too mean to" Sho' nuff, at breakfus' heah cum de sheriflF, an' reads me a writ an' takes me to de jestice cou't. Glycomine - a little girl with albumin, casts, and pus in the copious, light urine, was noticed to have some difficulty in micturition. Under its auspices courses lasting four weeks are given every quarter, including all medical branches. B.) believed would prove a very severe one. Hoskins added that we should also encourage people not to use them. It is contraindicated in cases of fatty heart, in lymphatic conditions, and in adenoids. Or there may be pallor of the distal phalanx with cyanosis of the proximal, or vice versd. He drooped, coughed, and complained of pain in the chest.

Up to the time of rhubarb nor jalap nor any other carthartic, under ordinary circumstances. Davies claims that the tendency endo- or peri-cardiac disorder; every heart was sound which came Middlesex Hospital, aml report favorably upon the plan of treatment, the former stating that in those who came into the hospital with the heart unaffected, no cardiac disorder was subsequently developed. The patient had been placed under the influence of chloroform, and was delivered by the forceps while still in an anaesthetic state.

Its occurrence in the air-cells is disputed by Rainy, Todd, and Bowman, Mandl, Ecker, Deichler, Zenker, Henle, and glycomin Munk; but its existence is maintained by Kblliker, Radclyfte Hall, Williams, and Hasse.

The patient made a very satisfactory recovery.

Collings Avenue, ash West Collingswood, N.

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