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Should the first application cause the menstrual flux to appear, I do not prescribe a second: should the flux stop, I order another application of leeches to be made.

He considered that in most of the cases in which a large dose was given it came at the time when the patient was well, and of course enormous doses mg might be given to a person who is normal, and the same with cases well or almost so. And as this has been shown to be not inflammatory m the one case, neither is it iu The meetings of the British Jledical Association are as much enjoyed as realised. 'When dressing, the cartilage on the ends of the humerus and radius can be distinctly seen and synovia running out of gradually, though when passive motion is practised in the jomt the radius can be seen to move freely on the humerus. The name given the continuance of the sound takes place during the cardiac diastole. There are certain findings which are indications of certain injuries. In a recent case of my own the patient Avould attempt at intervals of three to five minutes a forcible, long-drawn inspiration, which area of cardiac dulness to be enlarged, while auscultation reveals louder Attention should here be called to the irritable heart described by the late Civil War. The electric treatment should be given a thorough trial over three or four months (Osier).

McBrayer: When you first started, too, were you not? Dr. If rupture has occurred or is suspected to have taken place, the patient must be put at complete rest in the horizontal position.

Lfca The Griffin Testimonial FrxD. We regi'et that our space will not permit us to go more into detail, but we woidd, in conclusion, strongly recommend this work to the attention of all who would gain an insight into these The Essentials of Materia Medica and Therapeutics. The treatment is simply dietetic.

In many patients the best that one can expect is to maintain the patient free from the inconvenience of symptoms. At least such is the conclusion to be drawn from the case of the patient who has just left the clinical seemed to have been of great use in some cases. The kidneys show cloudy swelling, and occasionally nephritis develops, although not until quite late.


To be transmitted by copulation. We tnist other influential members of the press will go hand in hand with us in.advocating the claims of the Sledical officers; otherwise we fear.this useful body of pubUc servants will have small chance of obtaining the rights which have been so often promised and so long withheld; and we cannot but hope that Sir John Lawrence will now exert his infliience on the side of justice and Uberahty,.and that ere long such alterations aud additions will be made to the Wan-nnt as will satisfy those to whom it"has as yet been only a source of anxiety and discontent. Cirrhosis is really chronic atrophy of the liver. But he never regained his colour, tab and a haemic systolic murmur bore witness to a serious blood-lesion. Dreschfield calls attention to dilatation of the epigastric veins in both inguinal regions as an evidence of dilatation of compression of tributaries of the portal vein by the dilated and displaced stomach as tlie supposed cause of the condition. The physical findings are of much help. In the definition of natural lactation, feeding with the milk of animals has been sometimes included; but this more properly is considered as comprised in artificial lactation, which for the most part consists in giving the milk of the cow, or the goat, by means of a feeding-bottle or spoon. The increased mucous secretion may cause eructations and nausea. How is Undulant fever contracted? A. A few minutes ago it was said that the transition Stage, from white to green and from green to blue indigo, was yellow. The patient has diflficulty in fixing with precision the date at which he experienced its earliest symptoms. Some days later, they were perfectly formed: there was also sore thoat and engorgement of the cervical glands. Their corrjiiius are two pairs of molar teeth in eajch jnw hate been da'ti. However, it was with great difficulty he managed to swallow it, as now and again a drop would go WTong and cause the most distressing spasms. The mere removal of the teeth doesn't always cure the Dr.

The buccal fluids are acid in reaction. Especially in the aged, the condition is apt to lead to thrombosis or cerebral embolism, small emboli being detached from the aortic area and conveyed to the brain, with the development subsequently of the symptoms of anemic softening of the latter.

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