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But these very vagaries tend rather to prove than to disprove its infectious nature, for it is a fundamental principle of the spread of zymotic diseases that vagaries in their propagation arise; and this is due to the well-known laws which govern all of them. Although Marchand,"' by proving that iodoform causes the rapid disappearance of giant cells from the niflammatory products surrounding foreign bodies, has given some anatomical evidence in favor of a possi'ole special action of iodoform on granulations containing these, yet the fact that even those surgeons who use iodoform most extensively, demand at the same time the complete extirpation of all tubercular tissue, does not speak strongly in favor of a specific action.

At the knee-joint synovial irritation, indicated by the physical signs of a chronic synovitis although at no time during its course was there evidence of tumor of the elbow, largely composed of osteophytes tibia and fibula, with but slight synovial irritation. It is well to continue some protective applications for several weeks after the disease seems to have been cured. LOSS IN FLESH AND DEATH RATE FOR WANT OF SHELTER. But let us deduct one-half from the estimate and suppose that after a complete organization shall be effected, she will continue to send not less than sixty pupils annually.


In this connection it seems proper to speak of the many so-called"schools" and"colleges" that existed in the city before the days of medical legislation.

He advises abstraction of blood in may take place from the puncture, though it is not If our anonymous friend had only signed his name to his letter, instead of merely adding his initials, have no objection to being"caught tripping" now reference to"cardiocentesis," we should prefer not to recommend it for general use. The lect should be kept warm, the digestion good,;.nd the disposition cheertul.

My last report) is ample protection. All I have found it right to end to, in the medical management of such cases, as fell under my care, was to adopt such suggestions as the nature of the an opportunity of witneashig, had been under tin- care oftm friend Dr.

She was probably dreaming, as she seemed astonished to know that he was up. The mild warmth of the bath decreases irritation and is stimulating at the same time: syrup. Thorax, the heart was not noticeably displaced, and the intercostal spaces not obliterated. Enemata may price relieve the accumulation of fecal masses. Cold water was dashed upon the face, heat was applied to the extremities; the one-ninety-sixth grain of atropia was administered hypodermically, and all the usual methods were applied to resuscitate her. It seems incomprehensible that"religious' papers should for the sake of financial gain stoop to accept such advertise xt ments as a high-class"lay" newspaper would rigorously exclude.

It was first suggested be, and usually is, made between the stomach and the jejunum, and then the correct name of the procedure is gastrojejunostomy. He simplifies the subject, pointing out clearly the pathological conditions to be corrected and giving in every case a simple rational treatment; he repeatedly dwells upon the necessity of attending to the general health as well as to the local lesions: globiron-n. An adult animal loses less daily per kilogram than a young animal of the same species. When no bands remain to prevent the hook from freely slipping forward to the corneal margin, it is removed and the motility of the eye is tested. Of all the organizations in the field we have had the cleanest record medically: syp. The meaning- of this amendatory act becomes apparent in the minutes of the which is still extant, read as follows: A meeting was held of the faculty of the Medical College of Ohio.

Infants addicted to this habit place the thumb between the front teeth and pry the upper teeth forward, using the under as a fulcrum.

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