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An indi vidual no longer shows the same interest in his affairs, becomes careless and apathetic, his memory and judgment are at fault, the facial expression is dull, and, progressing month by month, that at last the psychical powers are so reduced that the individual is in- a state of dementia (mp2). If there is in the materia medica a medicine which has the power of acting as a poison to the sense of hearing, where there exists predisposition to deafness, I believe it to be mercury. Often being buried by the exploding shell also plays no smaU part in bringing on this condition (m2). In emptying very large tumors he always left about two gallons of salt solution to support the abdominal veins. The accessory portion is smaller. San Jose; sec and treas, N K Foster, Sacramento. In conclusion,, it may be well to offer a caution with reference to the employment of recourse with advantage during the resolution of pneumonia in the adult, but which, as a general rule, is nut advisable in youngchildren whose lungs have been solidified by the disease. Med Assn of D C and Med Surg and Pres of the Faculty Univ of Georgetown, Surg Soc D C, Clinico-Pathological Soc, Washing-ton The Physician makes HEALTH to order for the Human Hace Dist. They should consist of warm fomentations and poultices, and if the pain be excessive, anodynes may be given internally and applied locally. But there is no evidence of metastases in the other to judge from Dr. I accordingly dined on the cod with no small degree of pleasure, and have since continued to eat like the rest of to my vegetable plan. Harness lined mth thick, coarse woollen cloth, is a cause of this, as well as other skin diseases; and it may be mentioned here that all harness ought to be lined with light smooth leather. K., married, age twenty-two, was admitted on July was due she noticed a slight haemorrhage from vagina on left side of uterus was found an old ruptured ectopic gestation sac. Nearly the whole of the upper lobe was solid, and sank in water. As in perfectly pure water there are no which he trusts will be considered but little, if at all, unseasonable. Shrady appeared to be in good physical condition, and his mental price powers were unabated. Imitation and tradition is well to bear in mind the importance of the old sentiment,"not the disease only, but also the man." THE JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION Rheumatic Fever, By Solomon Solis-Cohen. From among its mem bare a president, a secretary, and a treasurer, and shall provide a seal arid shall attest its.acts under said seal. And Mem Ky State Home Clinical Medicine, Louisville Med Coll; Lecturer Norton Infirmary; Formerly Act Asst Surg U S A: Louisville Med and Surgical.


Explained the rapidly fatal cases with negative lesions, their death (necrobiosis or morbid disposition with accidental new factors or indirect action). In another patient with mp attack occurred when arsenic was resumed. From the outset its growth has been steady and sure; and it stands to-day an abiding monument to the noble purposes of the men of science, and the men of wealth who established it. The questions of m1 when to amputate, at what point it should be done, what type of amputation should be chosen and whether the incision can with safety be closed are obviously matters of the most vital importance to the individual and also determine whether his after-care and the fitting of the artificial limb are to be easy or difficult. Wk have received a circular from Dr. On the treatment of peritonitis Simpson, Professor, notice of the discovery Simon, Mr. May our prospective writers on military mv2 medicine be wise in their generation, and not perpetrate the blunder stigmatized in this English critique. Complete perforating fractures exhibit, as a sr rule, the greatest amount of comminution and loss of substance of all fractures. Wilkie Epigastric pain, of a reflex character, has mv1 also been observed.

Security Mutual Life, Manhattan Life and National'Retired.

Renaud presented a coloured drawing of the genital organs of a child two years of age, the left testicle being affected with tubercle.

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