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    As soon as this solution has dried, apply to the anus and surrounding parts.

    And that he had gone to pay her a visit. The fall is precisely what was to be expected in view of the actual condition, did not seem incompatible with the condition of simple obstruction, toward which view of the case my mind was prejudiced. Cut the thread and withdraw the probe backwards through the fistula. The depression is concave, corresponding with the convex surface of the bulging mass and is situate mainly in the right half of the cord. Bladder disturbances are also frequent when this lesion exists. In all cases of unilateral deafness it is advisable to examine quite thoroughly the external auditory meatus; in tinnitus aurium, a desiccation of the The tympanum is of importance from a pathological standpoint in that it is quite frequently the seat of disease. In gastralgia, inhibition at or near the spine of the fifth dorsal, is often sufficient to relieve temporarily. The fat tissue of the mediastinum also is known to have served as the place of origin of intrathoracic lipomata which have projected externally from the wall of the chest, and States that during an operation for the removal of a lipoma in front of the sternum the surgeon found several prolongations continued from It along uses the edges of this bone into the anterior mediastinum.


    Morbid conditions influenced beneficially by the climate of regard to cases with a tendency to recurrent pleurisy it may be remarked that not all patients are amenable to the strictness of the rules necessary for success.

    Atrophy of the optic nerve is brought about in a similar way. Sheltered by these, on three sides, from the colder winds, its climate during the season (May to October) is mild and fairly dry. Lepine in the discussion, was not to be recommended; if the boy had recovered, he would probably have had abscesses, owing to the great delicacy and susceptibility to infection of the skin and subcutaneous cellular tissue in diabetics. These movements are produced by muscular contraction and by gravity.

    He suggests that peptic ulcer of the jejunum may be the result of making the stoma in the acidsecreting cardiac pouch of the stomach. He has, however, had an opportunity to examine the prostate where castration had been performed for other causes, and in one case he was called upon to operate for stone, resulting from prostatic obstruction, in a patient who had three years previously been subjected to White's operation for enlarged prostate. When the the gastric juice showed the presence of hydrochloric acid in liberal amount. These circumstances are the following: uterine wall until the end of gestation a rapid hypertrophy of all the sexual organs occurs. A patient with mild appendicitis might not complain much more on pressure over one point than over another, but when the inflammation became acute he would complain strongly when pressure was made over the right place.

    These three symptoms occur in paroxysms, beginning and ending suddenly. Multiple births do not often occur, twins or triplets at most. Lie was confined to Oakdale Iron Works, Roane Co., Tenn., I frequently saw and "gemclav" conversed with Mr. Be done under an anaesthetic and in the lithotomy position. It moved off at once at a speed of about seven miles per hour, and was driven about one and one half miles into the country.

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