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    From the fourth day on, the patient receives two tub baths daily, and at least every second day a bowel movement is obtained, a laxative Beginning with the day after the operation, the patients are allowed to suit themselves as to getting up and walking around. This was well exemplified in the case of Nurse A., whose whole nose, a patch the size of half-a-crown on the cheek, and a considerable area under the chin were affected.

    In the last few years traumatic perityphlitis, apart from casual communications, has been repeatedly described (Pribram, Epstein, Stern, Schottmuller, Fiirbringer).

    From the fourth or fifth to the fifteenth year for boys and to the seventeenth for girls is the choreic period.

    Am - the great neuroses, paretic dementia, locomotor ataxia and epilepsy, occasionally display temporary glycosuria.

    After passing a catheter on the ninth day it was held there by straps. Many details of materia medica proper and pharmaceutical data can well be left to the educated pharmacist, but medical students should be taught with thoroughness and precision modern pharmacology and the associated therapeutic principles which underlie the rational application of drugs The work contains many excellent features.

    The general symptoms of endocarditis are very slight.

    In was headache and double optic neuritis, with ptosis and slight motor paraIj-sis of the opposite side affecting the arm more than the leg; no marked anaesthesia, if any, and no blindness or strabismus. The umbilicus was included between two slightly curved incisions, and its skin (which was excoriated and could not be thoroughly disinfected) was removed.

    The celebrated Joseph Frank also bequeathed a large sum, and directed that the interest derived from it be employed to buy works on medicine and natural sciences, and that these be added to the library. So may the physician plead that in in pneumonia the final issue largely depends on the treatment, or want of treatment, of the first few days. When we have learned some more efficient means of inducing hyperleucocytosis in animals, it is possible that the results of this leuco-therapy may be applied to man with success.

    The reader should refer, therefore, to what has been said as to the pathogenesis of peritonitis in general, but it may be added that both the" chemic" and the" bacterial" mode of origin can be assumed in the majority of the individual cases which come under observation. At the lower hypogastrium a tumor was found resting in the median line. In some way which should not interfere with the liberty of the individual would it not be possible for such associations to see to it that its younger members, without serious pecuniary loss, might give a portion of their time to the poor, and that the doctor, when asking for such help, might not have to approach you with an apology? To such suggestions as this, nurses have replied to me:" Very true, some nurses do take cases for small fees, but they soon come to be known as cheap nurses and lose their chances for the paying cases." Truly that is a lamentable fact and a lamentable tale. The disease at once runs a subacute course, with persistence of all the symptoms. Barry the Melrose Hospital receives one thousand dollars.


    Bleeding may be eye started by the least exertion. The tubercle bacilli inhaled into the air passages are soon found in the submucous lymphatics, and then in the bronchial glands. Of some it seemed most was so great as to make this symptom of exceptional interest to two or three hours of sleep a day; a full night of sleep was hardly ever or never secured, and 400 the attempt to rid themselves of noise constituted their greater trials and expenses of practical life and dominated all plans and methods of domestic economy.

    The organism is in high degree polymorphous, and ten tolerably distinct forms may be found in the blood. To what uses extent the festive microbe caused or influenced medical and surgical diseases, Joseph Lister, now Lord Lister, writings arid researches had aroused interest and stimulated investigation. Sometimes it goes through all the coats, the peritoneal being drops the last one.

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