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Marehionneschi," the orginal and appropriate words effects in which Dr. The clothes were kept some days in Escott's house, and then returned. It is the best purge in peritonitis and dysentery; in inflammatory diseases of the urinary organs, or after the operation for lithotomy; and in obstruction of the The dose of the oil for children is from one to two drachms; for adults, half to one and a half ounce. The simplest of these may be termed the biological, which consists in encouraging the methods of Nature. They are employed in medicine as alteratives, and febrifuges or antiperiodics; but their effects require to be very carefully watched. The loss of power by idleness on the part of parents is reflected as inherited deficiency of power in the offspring of idle parents.


For instance, there was neither paralysis, nor diminished or depraved sensation in the lower part of the body or extremities, except pain in the parts already enumerated, neither was there any distortion of the spine, some of which symptoms might have been expected, if the spine or vertebrae tablet had been diseased. Tinctura Piperis, half a drachm to a drachm. In dealing with these advice of their family physicians) many Twelve hysterectomies are included m would have waited for another attack, this series, six for fibro-myoma, four for Second, a number of these acute cases had carcinoma, and two for arterio- sclerosis, gone on to abscess formation and two to Eleven were removed by the abdominal and general peritonitis, not having walled off. In my early cases, lack of success was undoubtedly due to insufficient dosage.

Use of a library would be of much assistance to them at a time that they should begin some independent research in literature. The number of uncertified deaths depends very largely upon the number of unqualified practitioners present in a given locality, since none but a practitioner whose name is borne on the medical register, and use who therefore possesses the qualifications necessary for such registration, can give a death certificate which will be accepted by the registering authorities. The author maintains that in the acute cases of acromegaly, that is, those lasting from three to four years, in these only and in these alwaj'S, there has been found a sarcoma of the pituitary body. The chief points of agreement which he notices, upon the duration of the disease, and often but an equivocal one plus by which M. The sensory phenomena consist chiefly in sensations and different troubles with the hearing; these whistle of the locomotive. There is reason to believe that the second most frequent origin of this troublesome, mischievous and dangerous ailment, is the irregular and injudicious exercise of the vocal organs on side the part of singers, clergymen, and other speakers.

Eating some baked beans, and just before going to bed ate two figs. Away l)y degrees permitted the increased proportion. So may unsuitable food, or chill, or some specific febrile condition, such as influenza. For a number of weeks the Brazil-Medico has been publishing a serial article by Oscar Clark of the University of Rio de polemic of the most reactionary type against the theory and practice of antitoxin therapy. But no matter what may be the class of horse, the object of horse shoeing is primarily to protect the hoof from wear; secondly, to constitute a guard against injuries; thirdly, to maintain and restore the due proportions of the foot with its active functions unimpaired; fourthly, to obtain security progression whatever. In the case last reported, twenty grains of potassium iodide were given every three hours for two days. The internal administration of Perchloride of Mercury has been advised.

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