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It wants to censor the newspapers and it covets legal power to force its own system of treatment uses upon the people. Kleinwachter dwells on the importance of Kcisger's researches, hut notes that he himself has already shown that myomata are originally developed from the muscular coat of uterine arteries, a change not hard to understand when he demonstrated the close relation between the muscle cells of the vessels and those of the uterine from the first, the embryonic cells of Miiller's duct separated into two layers. It is one of much interest, and will add another to the list of cases of suspended consciousness, which have been reported in the medical journals, and in works on mental philosophy.

Gunshot Fracture of the Lower "fusiwal" Ends of the Tibia and Fibula. He is now quite active, and his health is excellent. The vessel, both before and after the milk is poured into it, is accessible to flies and collects particles of dust and dirt. Needless to say, students were unhappy with this curriculum. Recently he had been in Chicago and heard a good deal of the wonderful work being done there. A teaspoonful once to three times daily. Of fchifl kind is arsenic, which influences solid new growths, but kills without" But if we would alter cell-growth in the body, we must have a long continued stream of the medicinal agent flowing through the oanoer. Far more rarely, and almost solely in the course of infectious maladies, the nasal mucous membrane is attacked by croupous or by diphtheritic The same remarks apply, with regard to the etiology of nasal catarrh, which we have already made in treating of catarrh of the larynx and bronchi Predisposition to cold in the head varies greatly in different individuals. They have seen so many unsuccessful operations performed for cancer in all parts of the body that many of them are sceptical of the possibility of cure by an operation (price). Moore which spoke highly for his sense of professional obligation, and this devotion to the calls of practice had become such an intimate part of his nature that he failed to recognize the need of restraining his activities, even when it became difficult for him to engage in work. There seems to be a peculiar predisposition of the bones to fracture in the cases in which the fractures are multiple and the cause is not apparent.


If the patient continues to be screen positive, the risks and benefits and accuracy of the diagnostic tests (targeted (level II) ultrasound and amniocentesis) are described. In the differential diagnosis, the factors patient; in ulcer, these are often affected but little, and not till late in the disease, while in cancer they are greatly impaired very early. .Several theories have been put forward to explain these ill eft'ects as the diffusible toxin theory, the diverse toxin theory, and the bacillary theory, in the last of which the bacilli themselves and adherent toxins are supposed to be at fault.

There was marked tremor of hands, face, and tongue. The commission will carry with it a quantity of medical supplies and surgical instruments for distribution composition to hospitals, institutions, and Red Cross organizations in Russia. The prevalent opinion today is that of "ointment" the medical nihilist. The inferior part of the ganglion corresponding to the two lower branches of t!ie nerve was cot away. Mann during his residence in Milford, and later in Fitchburg, became one of the most widely known men in Worcester county. When under the temporary influence of liquor, he fell from an elevation of about five feet, and struck violently the internal circumference of his right knee joint. Injection of ergot or pituitrin will help force these muscles to do their required work.

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