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In the lestrictions on the importation of live stock give us the assurance that this terrible scourge which formerly devastated our herds, is now only of rare and all pleuro-pneumonia affected cattle and all cattle which had been exposed to its resembling pleuro-pneumonia broke out among the ruminants of the nomad Kurds, and among buffaloes in Asia Minor.

The bluish, unhealthy flush of the cheeks just mentioned must not be confounded with the healthy red, sunburnt appearance of many patients. I wish to call attention particularly to the diagnostic value of percussion.

When this was completed, the pains became more efficient; and, at the termination of fifty hours from the commencement of the labour, the Princess was delivered, by natural effijrts, of a still-born male child. Their section has a smooth or, in rare cases, a slightly granulated surface, which, when pressed, gives off an opaque, chocolate-coloured fluid that later on becomes dull-red or pale green.


It is given indiscrimina ely to young aud old, for days or even weeks, for the public are more given to taking is a much more frequent occurrence now than it was twenty years ago. This new law prescribes that.a certain space shall be accorded to each steerage passenger; that cargo.shall not be placed in certain parts of the vessel; that berths of an improved pattern sball be provided; ttiLit certain kinds and qualities of food shall be served out; and that unauthorised persons shall not come officer will be appointed to see after the light, ventilation, and other Trinity College, Cambridge, to be applied by him in the prosecution and encouragement of the study of cost physiology. Plimmer's life experiments may or may not ultimately establish the infectivity of cancer, but, apart from any pathological theory, there is much in clinical observation to suggest that the disease is, occasionally, at least, communicated in the same way as tuberculosis. Carbuncles are comparatively frequent, and appear chiefly on the comb, wattles, conjunctiva, tongue, palate, extremities, webbed portion of the feet, etc. By both methods the characteristic capsule of the bacillus of anthrax is made distinctly visible. The tentative period in the life-history of this Association has long since been passed, and now it stands upon the solid ground of co-herent and harmonious organization.

Las consented to accept the post of President of the Parkes Museum, which, as our readers have already been informed, is about to be reopened in Margaret-street, nhs Cavendishsquare. The drenching-pneumonias are usually bilateral and settle mostly in the neighbourhood of the centre of As a result of gangrene the lung-tissue changes into a blackish or grey, tinder-like, greasy substance, at first solid, but later of a liquid character, so that at last the lung parenchyma is replaced by a discoloured, foetid ichor, which contains the several products of decomposition of the albumen and fat (leucine, tyrosine, fatty acids, ammonia, sulphuretted hydrogen); and also of organic constituents, enormous numbers of putrefactive bacteria, shreds of parenchyma, pus-corpuscles, detritus, crystals of triple phosphate, etc. The effoct is to dissolve the bonds created by culture and social organization. The Board is aware that these considerations of high policy do not strictly come within its purview, but cannot refrain from adverting to this aspect of the matter, because it would almost appear as if the report under consideration was based upon the conception that the Canadian Forces had a similar relation to the British armies as that held by the allied nations. The first was a priori held as improbable, because surely these organisms would long since have been detected in the course of histological study of early goitres. Fragmine - povtee ok Enteric Fevee at JfoEwooD Tillage, The subject of the inquiry with which this report deals was an outbreak of enteric fever that occurred last December at Hare wood-terrace, near to Norwood Village, in the Uxbridge Eural Sanitary District. In 5000 Blockley Hospital, where bedsores were once so numerous, now under this treatment we have and on the ist of Dec. He half now feels well, having no trouble whatever. I beg you, hcvevcr, not to look upon this as evidence of one dose of salvarsan curing a case. The book can be highly praised, yet in several respects it would seem that certain criticisms might be made. The placenta was enough, the child has as yet shown no signs of inspiration pneumonia. Coupland says:" The intimate relation of the nervous system with all parts of the body point to an extensive control over blood-formation, and over nutrition and secretion; so that, under certain conditions, the nervous system may bring about an anaemia other than by the exhaustion of material supplied to it by the blood." In a case of fatal anEemia, under the care of Dr (fragmin). The art and mystory of healing, taught him to bleed, and to compound medicines; and from an early period it was dose his duty to attend to such patients as were willing to trust themselves to him. There was nowhere any defect of attention was the existence of double horizontal nystagmus, more violent when the patient was desired to direct his eyes inj in an upward and oblique direction, and obvioiisly interfered with his power of doing so. Where is the fault? It lies in the want of proper and efficient training; the want of such training as will enable site the student to think well and correctly, and so more easily to acquire the necessary amount of knowledge.

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