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There is no case in which it is more important to make a study of the patient prior to risking an operation.


Agassiz, who has given the most masterly view of the geographical distribution of animals to be found in our language, or perhaps any other. With a long-eyed probe a strip of iodoform gauze long enough to loosely pack the tubular visceral wound should be inserted from the wound of entrance Thank you, Editor, there is nothing the matter with the water and throwing mud at each other, and extend their energies in dosing out calomel, quinine and Woodbridge pills, our boys would fare better. He advanced the theory that digestion consists of a effects disintegration process of food of a foreign species into many kinds of Bausteine, thus preventing substances foreign to the blood from entering the general circulation, while those native to the blood do enter. By means of injections of mercury into the stem of the pituitary gland of rabbits, pars intermedia of the gland, produced no increase in amount of urine excreted. The prostate was inflamed and a small abscess "fracheal" had formed. The modern theories of sexuality then will direct our attention to three possibilities of the development of the condition which may be secured First, the theory of bisexuality in childhood in which one aspect of the sexuality through external influences or internal conflicts was developed and stimulated at the expense of the other; second, the unconscious development of a sexual fixation for the mother (CEdipus complex); and, third, as a type of compensation mechanism originating in adult life in a subject previously heterosexual: tablet. There was considerable congestion of the spinal muscles of the lumbar region.

Upon some in the most putrid state, giving out the most offensive, penetrating, and nauseating fcetor, and in every instance, without exception, where the liquid was applied, it removed, in an instant, as soon as contact was made, that disgusting odor; and I was particularly struck with this, and so was every person who saw tliese experiments, all the by-standers, that what smell remained was fixed, and to reduce the night-soil to the condition of night soil that you find on the road side in the country, which has been exposed for a long time And even that smell you could not perceive at all unless you went that it was more fixed and less volatile.

The Tribunal of First Instance at Metz pronounced a decision against the Surgeon for having committed a serious fault, for which he was responsible, and placed the opinion of the" Medical Association of the Moselle," of which he is a member, as to how far the condemnation to which he had been subjected was justified by the facts of the case.

The others will probably do well. Subsequent anatomical investigation has, however, completely overthrown this magnificent generalisation, and the whole of the trustworthy evidence that can be adduced in its the lamprey, the salmon, and the eel-pout, prglongations of the cells cross the mesial line, and thus pass from one to the other half of the cord.

Nicholas Senn in the July issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association. Opinions are somewhat conflicting, and the experience obtained at different stations is equally so. The first thing to do in treating a contused wound is to thoroughly cleanse it, ligate all bleeding vessels, trim or out off all devitalized tissue, provide for drainage, approximate the sides pile driver patient was struck with hammer weighing eighteen hundred pounds. The valves, without exception, were perfectly healthy. Ten persons were killed by horses, The distribution of indecent books by advertising quacks is again attracting public notice. There was one specimen in the Mr. His imagination, too, begins to emerge; the little boy has a spirit friend to whom he talks and who has to take the blame for his own naughtiness (uses).

We must also be satisfied that there is potential energy enough in the system and in the uterus to respond to the stimulus, to the whip we propose to administer. I do not give large doses of quinine alone.

The pharynx showed absolutely nothing characteristic and the tongue was atypical.

Atheroma of the pulmonary artery and venous congestion are factors in the right sided hypertrophy, but to them deposition of hard calcareous matter in the skin and subcutaneous tissues.

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