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PUeeft aa haa alreadj been indieatad (plus). During the first few days of the after-treatment small doses of morphine are administered for the purpose of immobilization, especially when cough is present. Scrapings from the craters were examined for gonococci. Although, at this date, the cure may be considered to have been complete, and the general condition very satisfactory, the patient did not leave the hospital till four days later, up to which time convalescence had been thoroughly maintained. On the following day there was a very perceptible diminution of the exophthalmia, of the pupillary dilatation, and of the vascular dilatation of the right frontal region. Since then I do not know This case.

Koch, according to a German paper, has the bad o'clock. Failed to be cut sliort before it bad reacbed tbat period at Vaccinia: price. An event so novel as the birth of an elephant in this country naturally attracts considerable notice, and excites great interest in the minds of scientists, as well as of the people generally. These vessels are directly continuous with those of the choroid, through the corneal space, and over the bend in the secondary ocular vesicle.

Syphilitic meningitis may also be accompanied by an acute effusion into the ventricles, and in all of these cases a careful study of the family history, and a very critical examination of the patient, should be made so as to discover, if possible, other evidences of the existence of syphilis. They are of themselves sufficient to enable us to recognise the nature of the disease; but other physical signs, the existence of which we are able to discover by auscultation and percussion, are pathognomonic of inflammation of the pulmonary parenchyma. The pyosalpinx was not adherent. Then the patient must sit down in pure water, and foment the part with eggs, and apply cream the yolks with rose leaves beat up with pass urn; and if the disorder be within, this must be put to it with the finger; if without, it must be applied spread upon a cloth.

Her friends endeavored to dissuade her, but without avail. Had it been found and removed in the first place, instead of coming to the conclusion that all her symptoms were dependent upon the cellulitis, she might have been saved two months' useless treatment, as the inflammation could not be removed so long as the exciting cause remained.

Walker states that it is not only in ulceration that oil of turpentine proves itself to be a boon in gastrointestinal troubles, but that in subacute and chronic catarrhal conditions it is of equal value.


Meadows must know that it is quite inadmissible to use the word as a plural when speaking of one particular instrument. Luys, Physician to the Hospice de la The publishers have made a happy selection in Dr, Luys for a work designed to present in a popular form the subject treated of in this book. She would even weep when sad pictures or doleful stories were presented to her. Been given internally for the relief of pulmonary, renal, and uterine hemorrhage; purpura, hematemesis, varicose veins and The local application of hamamelis has likewise been used for recent wounds, hemorrhoids, epistaxis, and for bleedings or discharges from the natural cavities or Hamamelis is exceedingly useful in capillary hemorrhage. The court overruled this motion on the sole ground tliat it had not the legal right to enforce such an order. The patient was made delirious, but recovered. Basedow's disease has been produced Modern studies of the various ductless glands hindi have suggested numerous explanations of the manner in which the disease is caused. The coast climate of New England varies greatly according to the varying exposure to the south and east winds.

In insufficiency of the mitral valve, the pulse is almost always irregular, and of an irregularity which is absolute, and in no respect typical; that is to say, it is not represented in any uniform manner upon the spliigmographic tracing. The lung at once expanded, and respiration was heard throughout the whole of the lower part of the chest.

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